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Direct smoking is purposely smoking and inhaling the smoke. Indirect smoking is the person near the smoker inhaling the second hand smoke.

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Is passive smoking and direct smoking the same?

No, because passive smoking is inhaling the second hand smoke that Other people smoke and exhale. Direct smoking is when the person inhales the smoke that they themselves smoke. If you have a cigarette in your mouth, that's direct smoke. If you inhale other people's smoke, that's passive smoking.

What happens when you breathe in ciggertte smoke?

second hand smoking kills faster than direct smoking

How many people die because of smoking in a year?

an average of 106,000 people die every year as a direct result of smoking.

Difference between active and passive smoking?

Active smoking is the direct inhalation of smoke by an intended smoker while passive smoking is second hand smoking. This is a situation where smoke is inhaled (from the environment) by non intended smokers. Active and passive smoking are both harmful to the body.

Was World War 2 a direct cause of World War 1?

What the hell are you smoking?!?!?!?!

How is passive smoking damages lungs?

Indirect smoking, or passive smoking is worse than direct smoke because it is not filtered. Damages lungs by burning away at the little hairs that carry mucous, and by leaving small resin deposits.

How may people die from smoking each year in the UK?

According to the BBC, "The Department of Health estimates 106,000 people die every year in the UK as a direct result of smoking." * Around 100,00

Can smoking one cigarette a week cause coughing and wheezing?

Yes; any smoking or inhalation of smoke can cause coughing and wheezing. Second-hand smoke has the same potential to cause coughing and wheezing as does direct inhalation.

Secondhand smoking worse than smoking?

Secondhand smoking means the passive smoking and passive smoking is worse even than smoking cigarettes.

If you are in the room when someone is smoking does that get in your system and how long does it stay in your system?

Unless the room is a total smoke screen the marijuana wont even register on a urine or blood test. The only way it sill get into your system is if you have direct contact. (i.e. you smoking the marijuana yourself)

Is secondhand smoking worse then regular smoking?

Secondhand smoking can be just as bad as regular smoking, and smoking shelters can help protect non smokers from secondhand smoking.

Will smoking cigarettes cause diabetes?

There is no direct connection. The most common causative factors in diabetes are being overweight, having it in the family, and eating a poor diet.

Does alcohol ans smoking aggravate if diagnose with lupus s l e?

Smoking definitely aggravates lupus. Alcohol does not have that direct effect, but if one is getting a large percentage of calories from alcohol, general health will decline making a lupus flare more likely.

How can smoking be changed?

if people stop smoking then smoking can be changed

Do more people die from secondhand smoking or from smoking?


Is secondhand smoking worse than smoking?

Yes secondhand or passive smoking is worse than smoking

Can cough be prevented?

It is important to identify and treat the underlying disease and origin of the cough. Avoid smoking and coming in direct contact with people experiencing cold or flu symptoms.

How do you make smoked salmon on charcoal grill?

Smoking isn't grilling. You'll need a way to allow the smoke to surround the fish without any direct heat.

What are causes of smoking?

the causes of smoking is someone smoking. the effects are what happens after.

What is considered heavy pot smoking?

smoking veryday and smoking by your self

What are smoking weeds?

There's no such thing as smoking weeds. But people refer to smoking the marihuana plant as smoking weed.

Is smoking better then smoking weed?

smoking weed is better than smoking cigarettes. It's much healthier for you!

How many types of smoking are there?

There are two types of smoking. Passive smoking and regular smoking. Passive smoking is when a person smokes and you can inhale it by passing by them. Regular smoking is when you inhale directly from the cigarette, pipe, or cigar.

How do you say smoking in spanish?

la accion de fumar = the act of smoking se prohibe fumar = smoking forbidden/no smoking allowed fumante = smoking (adjective) fumando = smoking (participle) el hombre estaba fumando = the man was smoking

Have smoking habits changed since the indoor smoking ban?

No, not many smoking habits have changed at all since the inside smoking ban. Many smokers have just turned to smoking outside and in smoking shelters.