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Q: What is discripitive research?
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What is research instrument in research methodology?

research instrument in research methodology is a research instrument in research methodology.

Is it research has or research have?

Research has.

What makes library research different from field research?

A library research is a research in the library while field research is research in the field.....................

How can you tell if you are going to buy a good airsoft gun online?

Research, research, research, more research, research, research, more research and handling of what it is you think you want to buy after some more research.

Different types of research?

There are a variety of types of research. These include quantitative research, qualitative research, pragmatic research, as well as participatory research.

How is educational research classified?

Educational research can be classified into different categories such as quantitative research, qualitative research, mixed methods research, action research, and experimental research. These classifications are based on the research methods, approaches, and design used to answer research questions in the field of education.

Is research singular or plural?

The noun 'research' is singular; there is no plural form. Multiples are expressed in units describing the research, such as a body of research, works of research, or results of research. The word 'research' is also a verb (research, researches, researching, researched) and is sometimes used as an adjective, such as research student, research funding, etc.

What is the role of a research problem in the structure of the research?

The role of the research problem in conducting a research

What research has manipulation as part of its research?

experimental research

Differences between marketing research and market research?

Marketing Research is broad whilst Market Research is narrow. Marketing Research is universal set whilst Market Research is the subset of the marketing research.

How do you get to the research center in Metroid prime?

It depends on which research center you are talking about. There are at least three different research centers such as Research Entrance, Elite Research and Omega Research.

Nature and scope of research methodology?

marketing research for making govt. policy operational research motivational research stimulation research