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Dismiss- verb: Order or allow to leave; send away.

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What part of speech is dismissal?

Dismissal is a noun.

What is unfair dismissal?

dismissal without written proof or warning

Do you have to agree with a stipulated dismissal?

If you stipulate as to the reason for dismissal, you HAVE agreed.

Which is not a way for a judge to vacate his of her office a resignation b dismissal?


What is a dismissal?

In terms of employment, a dismissal is the legal termination (firing) of an employee for cause.

What is the command for dismissal for Boy Scout?

the command is dismiss for the dismissal of the boy scout.

What is the definition of summary dismissal?

Summary dismissal is dismissal by an employer for gross misconduct and usually means that an employee will not receive any pay in lieu of notice.

How do you remove a dismissal from your credit report?

If you are referring to a dismissal from a job, I do not think that should be there. I have never heard of the dismissal from employment being on a bankruptcy. I would consult an attorney on this.

What is the process of dismissal with reference to substantive fairness?

What is the process of dismissal with reference to substantive fairness?"

Can a collector collect on a judgment after dismissal of a Chapter 13?

Dismissal yes, Discharge, probably not.

What does case dismissed with disposition of request for dismissal mean?

Complaint dismissed as to Swanson, Pamela with disposition of Request for Dismissal. what does case dimissed with disposition of request for dismissal mean

How many syllables are in the word dismissal?

There are three syllables in the word dismissal. Dis-mis-sal.

How do you write a response to a dismissal letter reason for leaving employment?

To answer the question, the circumstances stated in the dismissal letter or what type of response you would make to a dismissal letter must be known.

What has the author Geoffrey de Nyst Clark written?

Geoffrey de Nyst Clark has written: 'Remedies for unjust dismissal' -- subject(s): Dismissal of Employees, Employees, Dismissal of

What does felony dismissal really mean in new york city?

It depends on the type of the dismissal. Dismissal WITH prejudice means that the charges cannot be brought against that defendant again.. Dismissal WITHOUT prejudice means that the charges MAY be re-filed against the defendant.

What is a dismissal without prejudice?

A dismissal without prejudice is the dismissal of a lawsuit but allowing the lawsuit to be refiled or reinstated at a later date. This type of a dismissal is one where there has been no ruling on the merits of the case. The dismissal is based on the party not doing something he or she is supposed to do during the course of the litigation, like providing discovery on time. The dismissal without prejudice is used as a sanction by the court to force litigants to act in accordance with the procedural rules of court.

What is a foreclosure dismissal?

Foreclosure dismissal is a simple foreclosure challenge that can be filed to the foreclosure complaint even without an attorney.Added: A foreclosure dismissal is a court order dismissing a foreclosure action.

What is a judgment of dismissal under pb 14-3 notices sent?


In Alberta Canada what is the statute of limitations on wrongful dismissal?

In Alberta Canada what is the statutes of limitations for wrongful dismissal

Does dismissal only mean with prejudice?

The type of dismissal HAS to be specified. If it wasn't - ask. It can make a BIG difference.

Can you ask for a voluntary dismissal if your chapter 13 trustee has already asked for a dismissal for missed payments?


How do you the word dismisal in a sentence?

The word, dismissal, has a double s in it. After the bomb scare, school had an early dismissal.

What is meant by dismissal?

This comes from the verb "to dismiss" which means "to send away". Thus a "dismissal" is the act of dismissing.

What does this mean Case disposed with disposition of request for dismissal?

It means exactly what it says. It was disposed of due to a request for dismissal. What you REALLY need to find out is - was the dismissal WITH prejudice or WITHOUT prejudice. IT MAKES A DIFFERENCE.

How do you get dismissal after deferred adjudication?

Meeting the requirements of the deferred adjudication in full can allow a person to get a dismissal. The dismissal may only be done after the community service, counseling, probation, or treatment programs, are completed.

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