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What is disposable income?

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can an income judgement attach themselves and demand payment from: SSD, military disability and blindmans annuity(for the blind who lives in NYS)

AnswerDisposable income is the amount that remains after all deductions (taxes, Medicare, pension contributions, etc.) have been made.
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money left over after all needs have been met. A+

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Where can one find disposable income?

Disposable income is defined to be income that is available for spending and saving after all taxes have been accounted for. Therefore, disposable income is a result of any income in a general sense. One needs to have a source of income such as a job to have more disposable income.

As disposable income increases consumption?

Consumption also increases as disposable income increases.

If taxes are increased disposable income?

Disposable is reduced.

What is the difference between disposable income and discretionary income?

Formulas are: Disposable income = consumption expenditure + savings - support of others; Discretionary income = Gross income - taxes - necessities. Although denotatively wrong, disposable income is commonly used to denote discretionary income.

Why does Yd mean disposable income?

As you know Y stands for national income ( Y= C +G +I + nX ) , so Yd means disposable Income , where d stands for disposable

What is the difference between personal income and disposable income?


Does consumption equal disposable income plus savings?

no. however, disposable income minus consumptions equals savings

Which country has the highest per capita disposable income?

Saudi Arabia and the UAE have the highest disposable income in the world, averaging over $220,000. Source:

What is the Formula for finding disposable income?

Disposable income = Total net income less fixed (unavoidable) costs such as rent, food, utilities etc.

What is the percentage sallie Mae can garnish from you per garnishment?

Up to 25% of your disposable income. Disposable income is gross - taxes.

How much will you have to pay back if you file a chapter 13?

Your disposable income for a period of from three to five years. Disposable income is your income minus reasonable expenditures.

How do changes in income affect the demand for a good?

Increases in income allow for more disposable income which increases spending and the demand for goods. Decreases in income conversely decreases disposable income which decreases spending.

What is an example of an disposable income?


What actors and actresses appeared in Disposable Income - 2010?

The cast of Disposable Income - 2010 includes: Alexander David as The Body

Income not used for consumption is considered as what?

The income that is not used for consumption is called disposable income

Which of these is the amount of income individuals have after they save and pay their taxes?

Disposable income

What does a decline in disposable income mean?

1. Should mean disposable income be used to predict sales based on the sample of Sunflowers stores?

How does disposable income get figured?

Take your monthly income and subtract your monthly bills and cost of living expenses (gas, groceries, etc.) The money that is left is consider disposable income.

What is the factor affecting tourism?

Disposable income

What does yd stand for in economics?

Disposable Income

What was disposable income in the 1920s?

The income remaining when all other necessities have been deducted from your income.

To calculate disposable personal income you take personal income and subtract what?

individual income taxes

How can you use disposable income in a sentence?

I can buy this bleach to drink later tonight because I have disposable income. Another to consider is as follows: I paid my rent, bought my food and now I know that I may use some of my disposable income on the new movie coming out next week.

What is net national disposable income?

net national disposable income is a sum of the gross disposable income of the institutional sectors. Net national disposable income may be derived from net national income by adding all current transfers in cash or in kind receivable by resident institutional units from non-resident units and subtracting all current transfers in cash or in kind payable by resident institutional units to non-resident units.

What is money left over called?

Disposable income.