What is distinction percentage in ICSE?

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You get a distinction when you score 75% or above.

Yes.English +Best 4 Subject marks are used in calculating Percentage

take english and environment marks and other top 3 subjects (for 2012).

ICSE is better then IGCSE

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International curriculam for secondary education

ICSE Full form-Indian Certificate of secondary Education

u will get icse board papers in the following websites - www.icseguess.com - www.syvum.com

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Go to an online site for ICSE Books and make your purchase.

Yes, sure. The only condition is ur child should score more than the cut off percentage.

The Icse & Isc Results Will Be out Between 18 may to 22 May.

can u tell us how to do the 10th icse projects.

ICSE- Indian Certificate of Secondary EducationCBSE- Central Board of Secondary Education

Draft timetable can be seen at http://icse.fairtopic.com/icse-2008-question-papers-and-icse-news-time-table-2009-f17/icse-2009-exam-time-table-t301.htm final timetable too will be available there soon

ICSE board will give a strong base for ur further class i.e. 11th and 12th

Take top 5 subject in which you have scored well including English. Total it, and then divide by 500. Multiply by 100.

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