What is doctret degree?

Updated: 12/19/2022
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A doctret degree is a test (Kinda)

And if you pass, you are now a Doctor in that subject (Usually science).


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Q: What is doctret degree?
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What degree comes after a bachelors in management degree?

The next degree is the master's degree.

Does an online degree from AIU say online degree on the actual degree?

No it does not say Online Degree on the degree anywhere.

What degree is after a bachelor's degree in business?

The degree after a Bachelor's in business administration is a Master's degree, or M.B.A. for short. A Master's degree is the preferred degree of business majors.

What degree you need for zoology?

You need a doctors degree first and for most and then if you want you can get a masters degree a Ph.D, Biology degree, masters degree and bachelors degree.

Can you go on to a bachelor's degree after an academic degree?

I'm not sure what you mean by, "after an academic degree." A bachelor's degree is an academic degree.

What is the difference between postgraduate degree and postsecondary degree?

A postgraduate degree is a degree you get after your undergraduate degree, so for example a Master's degree or a Ph.D. A postsecondary degree is a degree you get after high school (high school = secondary school), such as a B.A. or B.Sc. A postsecondary degree is usually referred to as an undergraduate degree. (At least in my neck of the woods.)

What is an AS Business?

Associates of Science degree in Business.Associates of Science degree in Business.Associates of Science degree in Business.Associates of Science degree in Business.Associates of Science degree in Business.Associates of Science degree in Business.

What are the 5 degrees of membership in ffa?

Discovery Greenhand Chapter State American

Is second-degree polynomial is a quadratic polynomial?

Yes, any second-degree polynomial is quadratic. Degree 0 - constant (8) Degree 1 - linear (n) Degree 2 - quadratic (n^2) Degree 3 - cubic (n^3) Degree 4 - fourth degree (n^4) Degree 5 - fifth degree (n^5) Degree 6 - sixth degree (n^6) and so on............ Also a degree I find funny is the special name for one hundredth degree. Degree 100 - hectic (n^100)

If I have an associate degree will I be considered an undergraduate?

The associate degree is an undergraduate degree, as well as the bachelor's degree.

Can you get a higher degree than master degree?

A doctor's degree is higher than a master's degree.

If you have your Associates degree can you just go for your master's degree?

No, the prerequisite for the master's degree is a bachelor's degree.