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donating a kidney is when someone needs a kidney and you participate to go to surgery to remove you're kidney to give to the person in need. and you are left with one kidney but you will still live.

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Can kidney transplant donors have babies?

Yes, they can. Donating a kidney does not impact upon fertility.

Is it safe to get pregnant after donating a kidney?

After what I can find women with one kidney have no problems going through a pregnancy. If you have concerns you should discuss this with your doctor.

What can and can't you do after donating a kidney?

One Kidney Works Fine. After donating a kidney in 2000, the physician's instructions were simple: do not play contact sports; avoid ibuprofen. The donor's remaining kidney enlarges over time and handles all the tasks previously handled by two kidneys. The donor should be able, after recovery, to resume normal activities and lifestyle.

Can you die if your donating a kidney?

some may - - - - - - - With any surgery, there is always a chance for infection and bad reactions to anesthesia medication/other medications. So, yes, you can die if you are donating a kidney, but you can die in ANY surgery! With that said, doctors are very good at kidney transplants, and the vast majority of patients survive the procedure.

What are the factors considered for donating kidney?

One of the factors to consider is wether you are a possiably match to be a donar.

What are the release dates for Everyday Health - 2011 Donating a Kidney Giving New Life 1-20?

Everyday Health - 2011 Donating a Kidney Giving New Life 1-20 was released on: USA: 10 March 2012

Whats the downs of donating your kidney?

Some of the "downs" (cons, negatives) of donating a kidney include:A person can live with one kidney but if you donate one, and the other becomes diseased, you'll need dialysis or transplant.Preparation for surgery.Going through a surgical procedure.Recovering from surgery.Time off from work.Additional doctor's visits.

What is the reason for a right kidney removal?

The removal of a kidney is a large decision that could be caused by a variety of reasons. Some of these include a failing organ, or donating the organ to another patient.

What is some advantage for donating a kidney alive?

If a kidney is taken from a live donor it is much healthier and has a better chance of being accepted by the recipient's body than a kidney from a dead donor. For the donor, this does involve major surgery, so it's a bit of a disadvantage to the living donor.

What to do for donating a kidney?

Donating your organs are easy!1.) you can go to your local dmv and get organ donor stickers!2.) Tell your doctor you want to go on the list to donate organs!3.) Ask people you know if they know if anyone you can donate to or at least get tested forThis makes me very happy. I am on the kidney transplant list right now and hoping for a kidney soon!Thank you for trying to give someone a second chance on life because that is truly what it is!

Can someone with pulmonary HTN donate a kidney?

One with pulmonary HTN should be cautious and think the situation through before one donates one's kidneys. One should take into aspect the risks of donating one's kidney.

When donating your car to the kidney foundation does it have to be drivable?

You car does not have to be drivable for them to accept your donation. The car must be intack and able to move. They will accept any car for a donation.

What happens to a kidney once removed from a person?

People are more frequently donating one of their kidneys to family members. There is surprisingly llittle risk to a healthy person losing one of their kidneys."Although some risks are associated with any major operation, donating one kidney does not pose a major risk to a healthy donor. Studies show that the remaining kidney will continue function normally and will compensate for the loss of the other kidney.Kidney donation should not restrict or interfere with your lifestyle after full recovery from the surgery. There is no routine need for any special diet or medication after donation."For More Detail Visit http://www.doctor-dubai.com/dr_info_display.asp?dr_id=785

Which foods are best to eat after donating blood?

Foods high in Iron, such as red meat (beef, liver, kidney), canned sardines, pilchards spinach, brocolli, red kidney beans, hazelnuts, cashew nuts, cereals - oats, special K. And a couple of glasses of water....

Is donating volunteering?

Yes donating IS volunteering but only in someways, like donating blood, and money stuff like that glad I could help!

Do you have the video of interview with Jonathan Swartz donating a kidney to mom?

Hello! Here are the links. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8LNLDlZO1Ck http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oKTMpVVf-zU -J.S.

Can you get money by donating your body to science?

No, you are donating your body to science not selling it to science.

Can you get HIV through donating blood?

You won't get HIV through donating blood.

Can you work out before donating blood?

Yes, you can work out before donating blood. You should make sure you are adequately hydrated before donating, though.

What type of bond involves the Donating of electrons?

donating as in sharing between two elements? covalent donating as in one element giving its electrons to another? ionic

What are hydrogen donating compounds?

A hydrogen Donating compound is an acid according to the Brønsted-Lowry definition.

Does donating plasma cause leg cramps?

Specefically, no. However, donating plasma is essentially donating blood. A loss of blood can caus fatigue, tiredness, and also leg cramps.

What are the negative effects of donating plasma?

Donating plasma means that the body needs to recover from the loss. If someone is immune compromised or has other health issues, donating plasma can make them worse.

Does anyone know about donating hair to 360 hair?

Yes. It is a project of donating hair to people with cancer.

S it bad donating blood a day before surgery?

is it bad donating blood a day before surgery?

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