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Animal testing hurts animals. In 2004 over 1 million animals were tested on. That's just with dogs, cats, primates, guinea pigs, and hamsters. That's not counting the millions of rats and mice they tested on. Law protects all lab animals from cruelty during testing. However, these controls have not stopped scientists from abusing animals though. When dogs or cats get tested on for diseases the scientists stick deep needles into there stomachs. They leave huge gashes on there bodies and leave them there to suffer. Every year millions of animals suffer and die from animal testing. In laboratories animals are deliberately poisoned, burned, physically injured, and inflicted with deadly diseases. Most animals die from these tests.

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Is Bare minerals tested on animals?

Bare minerals is not tested on animals. on the bottom of the make-up contanier there is a statement that says"this product is not tested on animals". alot of animal lovers are nervous about that and hesitate buying a make-up that they don't know it is tested on animals. but bare minerals has done great about keeping the animals out there safe and healthy.

Is tresemme tested on animals?

Tresemme is not tested on animals animals it says on the back of the bottle u by not tested on animals

Is almay tested on animals?

no its not tested on animals

Is Mac makeup tested on animals?

M.A.C. is not tested on animals.

Is Claire's cosmetics tested on Animals?

no it isn't tested on animals !!

What makeup is tested on animals?

Most make-up tells you if it has not been tested on animals. If it doesn't...then most likely it was tested on animals.

What cosmetics are tested on animals?

Cosmetics that are commonly tested on animals are lipstick, mascara, and cologne. Shampoos and conditioners are also tested on animals.

Is Avon perfume tested on animals?

No, Avon perfume is not tested on animals. In fact, their whole line of cosmetics is not tested on any animals.

Which cleaning products are tested on animals?

Shampoo and toothpaste are tested on animals.

How are drugs tested before they are used?

Initial tests are routinely done on animals. Later on they're tested on human volunteers to check for any side-effects.

How do you know if makeup isn't tested on animals?

It will say on the bottle or website if it is NOT tested on animals. If it doesnt say anything it probably is tested on animals

Is rimmel make up tested on animals?

yes is it really tested on animals

Are carmex products tested on animals?

Carmex lip balm is not tested on animals.

Should animals be tested?

No, Animals should not be tested, because animals are killed during the experiments and suffering during studies and they die in vain when they are tested.

What medicines are tested on animals?

Experimental drugs and vaccines are tested on animals. Other medicines that are tested on animals include new cancer drugs and medicine for HIV.

What items are tested on animals?

Usually new medications are tested on animals, especially mice.

What percentage of make up is tested on animals?

theres no exact number of animals that are tested on.

What percent of animals tested on are euthanized?

90% of animals tested upon anually are euthanized.

Are Bath and Body Works products tested on animals?

The finished products are not tested on animals.

How many animals are tested on every day?

Around 73 animals get tested on a day

Can you use not tested on animals products on animals?

It will depend on the individual product. The two statements you are referencing are "Not tested on animals" and "For animal use". The phrase "not tested on animals" means the product was not tested for human safety on animals - it is a humane statement, not a statement of toxicity. The phrase "for animal use" means the product is intended for use on animals, but it may or may not have been tested on animals prior to marketing.

Is no 7 make up tested on animals?

No it is not, in fact none of the Chanel products are tested on animals.

Are issey miyake perfumes tested on animals?

Yes, the Issey Miyake perfumes are usually tested on animals. Just like the other types of perfumes, they have to be tested on the animals first.

How many animals are tested on a year in the world?

over 5,0000 animals are tested on and almost half of them die...

What percentage of animals get side effects after being tested on?

Well that depends on what they are being tested on and what animals are you speaking of.