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What is double clicking?

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Clicking Twice in quick succession.

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When you double-click any of your drives it gives you an option to choose a program to open with What can you do to open the drives by double-clicking?

Have you tried double clicking?

Why doesn't Windows Movie Maker open when you click on it?

Try double-clicking it. If you can see the program icon (application) then clicking or double-clicking should open it.

What does double-clicking the mouse do?

Double-clicking a mouse selects an item and executes the default action, usually "open".

How do you open c drive by double click?

By double-clicking it.

Rapidly clicking the left mouse button twice is called?


What is the definition of 'double clicking the mouse'?

Generally, "double clicking" means to click the left mouse button twice in quick succession.

Five actions you can perform with a mouse?

The five action that you can perform with a mouse are thePOINTINGCLICKINGDOUBLE CLICKINGRIGHT CLICKINGDRAGGING

How do you open gifts on Habbo?

By double-clicking them.

Which event is generated by double clicking on an item in a list?

The double click event.

What is difference between pointing clicking right -clicking double-clicking and dragging and dropping?

In the major operating systems of Windows, Apple and Linux right clicking opens a sub-menu window. Double clicking can initiate icons of applications/files, and dragging dropping is used to change their location.

What is double clicking the mouse?

Double clicking the mouse is when you rapidly click the left mouse button two times in a row... it is used very often in a computer.

How do you stop the double tapping off everything on iPad?

There is no 'single clicking' like 'single clicking' with a computer mouse. Every touch you make opens or selects an item on the screen, like 'double clicking' on an older computer.

How do you open VisualBoy Advance?

By double-clicking on its icon.

How do you acces a folder?

Double clicking the folder will open it.

How do you open the MS document?

By double clicking it in Explorer.

Which action enables you to see the bottom contents of a file?

Dragging the vertical scroll box to the bottom of the scroll bar. Double-clicking the down scroll arrow. Clicking the space below the scroll box. Double-clicking the vertical scroll box.

How do you double-click?

By clicking the right side of the mouse.

How do you double space in word?

clicking on the space bar twice

What is pressing the mouse button twice called?

Double clicking.

When you double-click a word is the entire word selected?

True. Double-clicking a word selects the entire word. Triple clicking select the whole line, paragraph, or entry.

What are the activities involved in text editing in Microsoft Word?

Primarily clicking, but also moving the mouse, double clicking and also typing.

Which keys is an alternative to double-clicking the cell to edit it?


What keys is an alternative to double-clicking the cell to edit it?


How do you stop your computer mouse from double clicking?

getting a new mouse

Can you modify a chart by double clicking it?

Double-clicking itself will not automatically modify a chart, but it will let you access the chart to make modifications. You really just need to single-click to select a chart for modification.