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Q: What is dropdown menu?
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In excell can I create a dropdown menu within a dropdown menu?


What happens when you click on a word in a dropdown menu?

don't no

What happens if you click on a word in a dropdown menu?

select whole word

How do you change itunes settings back into English?

Click on Edit (E) Go to the last item in the dropdown menu (Preferences). The last dropdown menu on this tab is language. Scroll down to English on the menu. Click OK Close itunes and reopen

How do you block an email address on firstclass?

From the Desktop (where you land after signing in), click once on Mailbox to highlight it. Go to "Collaborate" on the menu bar and choose "Rules..." Click on "New Receive Rule" On the "If" dropdown menu, choose "the sender". Automatically FirstClass will open one more dropdown menu and a text box. Enter the users address in the textbox on the right. On the "Then" dropdown menu, choose "reject" or "delete silently", and click save to close.

What is a flyout menu?

That is a computer term. It is a horizontal version of the dropdown menu, where the submenus "flyout" from the side when you mouse over or click the main item.

How do you create a dropdown menu in MediaWiki?

On, I have seen drop down menus [such as the one in the breeding calculator in the Dragon Story wikia] and I was wondering how did they do that? I wish to create one in my own but I can't find out how.

How do you create a dropdown menu in excel?

You can click on it with the mouse. You can press the F10 key or the Alt to activate the menu, and then hit the underlined letter in the menu heading to open it. So hitting Alt or F10 and then F will open the File menu. Hitting Alt or F10 and then O will open the Format menu.

On The Sims 3 can a sim get a detention?

If you choose "Slack Off" or "Talk to Friends" from the dropdown menu when your sim's in school, then there is a chance that they will get afterschool detention.

How do you delete music on iTunes 9?

To delete tracks from your iTunes library right click on the track and select Delete from the menu. If the DELETE key doesn't work, or if delete is missing from the context menu, and grayed out in the dropdown menu, try SHIFT-DELETE.

When shipping to an APO AP address what do you enter for the state on a website that has a dropdown box?

You have to enter AP (or AA or AE for other military addresses). If those options are not available in the dropdown menu, it usually means that the shipper does not serve APO/FPO addresses directly.

How can you delete one item off a fire fox toolbar?

Simply right click on the item you want to remove and select Delete from the dropdown menu.