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WWE bans any use of drugs or steroids.

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Q: What is drug is WWE?
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Related questions

How does the WWE do drug test?

Urinary test

How often does the WWE do drug testing?


How did miss elizabeth of the WWE die?

drug overdose

Did test died in WWE?

yes, from a drug overdose

Is John Cena using drugs?

No, WWE has a random drug screening to see if the superstars have been taking drugs. He has never been suspected of drugs. Before his wwe career he says that he is drug free.

Is bambam dead WWE?

yes he died of drug overdose.

Why did shannon Moore leave the WWE?

failed a drug test

Do WWE superstars use drugs?

Jeff use drug's!

Why was WWE Superstar Umaga fired?

a failed drug test

Why was Evan bourne suspended from WWE?

He failed his drug test

Why x pac and road dog left WWE?

X-Pac was fired for drug use and Road dogg is with WWE as an agent

When will umga be back in WWE?

Umaga will not return to the WWE. he wuz suspended 4 failing a drug test and refused 2 take drug counsiling. he died of a second heart attack on Friday, Decmeber 4, 2009.

How often are the WWE Superstars checked for a drug test?

WWE superstars are tested 2 or 3 times a week. It depends on how bad the situation is.

In WWE how did Eddie die?

his heart failed from past drug use

Will Jeff hardy ever be in the WWE after the drug charges?

Very Likely he will

What happened to carlito?

He failed the WWE drug test and was released from his contract

How did eugene get off WWE?

On September 1, 2007 Eugene or Nick Dinsmore was released by WWE after his third failed drug test.

Did Jeff return to WWE?

No, Jeff Hardy will not return to wwe and not even to tna for some time because he is found guilty in some drug issues.

Why did Jef Hardy get out of the WWE?

he left because he got arrested for drug possesion

What drug did Jeff Hardy use?

Nobody but the wwe and Jeff hardy knows

Why x-pac and road dog left WWE?

Road Dogg left WWE because he was unable to wrestle at a Raw show due to his drug use. Sean Waltman left WWE in a "mutual decision."

When will Jeff return to the WWE?

Not anytime soon, he was arrested recently for multiple drug possessions.

Where is matt hardy WWE?

He was fired from TNA for drug use, and has been working in the indies

Why hasn't Rey Mysterio been competing in WWE lately?

He failed the drug test

Why is rvd not returning to WWE?

he cant because he was on drugs like Jeff hardy and that's why they cant go back to the wwe, vince is really stricted about the drug policy