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This is when you rub your genitals together while wearing clothing. It is particularly rough on the guy's penis, so I do not recommend it. But if you cannot resist and end up with chafing or some other skin irritation, use a penis health creme called Man1 Man Oil. It is made just for the penis skin and will repair it quickly and safely. It is real good stuff.

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Can dry sex get you pregnant if you are a virgin?

dry sex= no clothes, virgin =ignorant to dry sex

Do girls like dry sex?

Girls do not like dry sex.

Can a girl lose her virginity by having dry sex?

No. Dry sex is, by definition, going through the motions of sex, without actual penetration of any kind.Especially if your clothes are on, no you cannot lose virginity by dry sex.

Is dry food good for sex?

There is no specific food for sex.

Is it possible to get pregnant by dry sex when his penis is dry?

No, dry sex means no body fluids were exchanged, pregnancy cannot happen without semen entering the vagina.

What is dry sperm?

Dry sperm is when the semen has gone dry outside the body after sex for instance and the sperms are dead.

How old do you have to be to have dry sex?

about 18 or older

What is dry spells?

A dry spell is a period time in which you go without something, I.e Sex or drugs.

Could you be pregnant if you made dry sex?

if your npple are hard

Does dry sex hurt?

It shouldn't. It feels GOOD :) xx

How do you make dry sex feel good?

Apply sandpaper

If you have dry sex should you also use a condom?

no you loosserr:L

Is dry sex enjoyable?

Not very much. It can even be painful.

How do know if a boy cums during dry sex?

if you get pregnant!!

Can you get pregnant having dry sex with clothes on?

If the semen is dry, then no. If it is still wet, then yes. But you would need a substantial amount of it, and think about it like this. Everyday people have unprotected sex and don't get pregnant.

What is dry humped?

dry humping is when two people are on each other and they are making out. they have on clothes, they making movement as if they were having sex.

Dose men like it when the woman is wet in sex or dry?


Cool air moving off of an ocean and on to dry land?


Is there any other way for a female to not need lubricant and not dry up in the middle of the sex?

Yes. You cant dry up in the middle of sex because of the constant moving up and down. if your not sure use lube!

What is 'dry sex'?

To mimic the act of sex whilst still wearing clothes so no contact is made between the genitals

What is being dry humped?

Having sex with clothes on would be the most simplistic answer.

Do you suggest any dry fruit for having long sex?

No. There is no food that can have that effect.

Is the skin on the vagina similar to lips?

my viginal lip have lomp ,and is dry when have sex

What if my girl pussy loose and dry during sex?

If your girls vagina is loose she may of had several sex partners or it could be from giving birth to children. If she is dry she could need help with lubricants or she is just not excited, not getting into it.

How do you have dry sex exactly?

You go through the moves of actually having sex without the penis entering the vagina, this can be done dressed or undressed.