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Main food in Haryana is Milk, Curd, Roti (made up of wheat flour). In northern region, rice is one of the main components of food.

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What are the news channel in haryana?

!. India News Haryana2. MH1 Haryana3. Haryana Din Bhar

Which are the top English Colleges in Haryana?

The top English Colleges in Haryana are : English World, Yamuna Nagar (Haryana), Government college (Haryana), Daronacharya Government college (Haryana).

Why do you celebrate haryana day?

we celebrate haryana day on 1november because haryana was made on 1november

How many districts in haryana?

There are 19 districts in Haryana.

How many districts are there in haryana?

there are 19 districts in haryana

How many villages in haryana?

how many vollage in haryana

What is the staple food of Haryana?

the staple food of haryana is wheat.

27775 rank in haryana will get?

my air is 146339 , which collage can i get in haryana

When was DD Haryana created?

DD Haryana was created in 1992.

When was Haryana Roadways created?

Haryana Roadways was created in 1966.

When was Haryana created?

Haryana was created on 1966-11-01.

Is delhi in haryana?

No, Delhi is Saperste state like Haryana. boundary of Delhi touches Haryana. But they both are saperate states.

What is the first capital of haryana?

the first capital of haryana was Chandigarh as it is now. As Haryana and Punjab were one state whose Capital was Chandigarh.

What are the main occupations in haryana?

Most of the population of Haryana is depend upon Farming, So Main Occupation of people of Haryana is Farming.

Is vinayaka university valid in haryana?

Is vinayaka university valid in haryana?

What is DC Rates in Haryana?

what is the dc rate of haryana for a clerk post

What is Language of haryana?

Language of Haryana is Haryanvi (Khadi Boli)

Who is the health minister of Haryana?

Anil Vij is the Health Minister of Haryana

What state in India has the lowest Sex Ratio?

HAryanadelhiDELHIHaryanaThe state in CHANDIGARH. It has 818 females per 1000 males.The state with the lowest sex ratio is Haryana.chattisgarhharyana

What is the cropping pattern of Haryana?

haryana does not have any agriculture so the question is senseless

When was Central University of Haryana created?

Central University of Haryana was created in 2009.

What is haryana population?

The state of Haryana, India had a population of. 25,353,081 as of the 2011 census.

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