What is ecosystem mean is science?


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An ecosystem is all living organisms interacting with each other and with components of an abiotic environment in a specific area within its boundaries.

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a living organism's role in an ecosystem

a system formed by the interaction of a community of organisms with their environment.

scientist that study science and technology invent machine that destroy our ecosystem

An ecosystem, but that's a weird question! Let me guess, a science worksheet!

Example sentence - We are learning about the ecosystem in our Science class this year.

Enviormental science teaches us about our enviorment & the ecosystem & Animals & Plants

Ecology is the study of the science and an ecosystem is the system itself where organisms live.

An ecosystem is an environment in which organisms are able to live.

The nonliving parts of an ecosystem are the abiotic components, while the living ones are biotic components.

The science words clear cutting,which is cutting all trees from a forest or an ecosystem and selective cutting,which is just cutting a certain selected part of an ecosystem but not all of it.

What does the word diversty mean when you are talking about an aquatic ecosystem?

science effects us in countless ways. a few examples are diseases ecosystem interaction

Marine or salt lake ecosystem is called salt water ecosystem .

a large scale ecosystem is a biome....... life science quiz ( ecosystems ) SCHOOL! 5th Grade.

The Blue Ring Octopus contributes to science by playing a role in our ecosystem. Every animal has a contribution, some more than others. The Blue Ring Octopus helps regulate the food web by consuming animals. Also, by mating, they are creating more animals that will be contributing to the ecosystem. Thus, they contribute to science, by helping maintain our ecosystem.

what do mean of human activities that disrupt the ecosystem

I think you mean who does belong? Everyone and everything belongs to the ecosystem.

Science has so many effects on your daily life. Most of the functions of the body depend on science as well as the entire ecosystem.

it mean it is a concept of science

Ecosystem means: The living and nonliving things in an environment, and all their interactions.

the whole ecosystem would collapses because in an ecosystem species depend on each other to maintain a balance. Next time look in you science book please!!!!!!!

biotic mean everything that has life in an ecosystem

That questions answer would be an ecosystem. Me being a Science teacher.

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