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Editorial independence is an editor have the freedom to make decisions without the publication owner interfering. It gives editors the ability to address whatever they please.
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What is an editorial?

An editorial is an article in a newspaper or magazine (or television or radio) that expresses the editor's personal bias. it is exactly what it sounds like that one thing that is written and read for is an editorial..... written by Jacob H... Editorial is not like sub-editor. It is a place in newsp ( Full Answer )

Importance of editorials on editorial page?

Editorials are basically articles in a newspaper that expresses the writers own opinion over something.. Example: (an abortion editorial). Abortions in the eyes of most humans is wrong and should be prevented by all costs. The number of abortions in the USA dropped to 1.2 million in 2005 - down ne ( Full Answer )

How do you write an editorial?

Writing an editorial is a complicated process... Write from the heart. There ya go! thThats all there is to it

What is editorial photography?

Answer . Editorial photography refers to the pictures in a magazine that aren't ads. The photographs that go along with the articles - even the cover of the magazine. Some photographers shoot only editorial type work, others shoot both editorial and commercial.. Commercial photography is essenti ( Full Answer )

Types of editorial?

231564798zxcz An editorial , also called a leading article , is a piece of writing intended to promote an opinion or perspective. Editorials are featured in many newspapers and magazines, usually written by the senior editorial staff or publisher of the publication. Additionally, most print publi ( Full Answer )

What is an editorial photo?

An editorial photograph is a photo in a magazine, on a website, orin a newspaper that is placed by the editorial staff. It is usuallypart of a story.

What is a newspaper editorial?

An editorial is an opinion piece written by a journalist or a group of journalists. It differs from most news pieces in that it advocates a particular point of view, policy or other non-objective opinion. It may contain assertions that are controversial or non-factual and it usually doesn't seek to ( Full Answer )

What is an editorial section?

In addition to reporting on the news, a newspaper also has the opportunity to express opinions about the news. These journalistic expressions of opinion are called editorials, and they appear in the editorial section of the newspaper.

What is an editorial essay?

This essay discusses the most important current issue found in newspapers and magazines. It ends with the writer's point of view towards it.

What is editorial of commendation?

its a type of editorial that praising someone and editorial of commendation is praising - by adik sa 18 ahahaa XD

What does editorial mean?

Coments made by or on behalf of the editor of a publication. or some one that coments of the editor or a book. Example: High heels are super hard to run with. blah blah blah while another editor of publication could write high heels are so comfy i could even run with them could you?

What is an editorial policy?

For a publication, an editorial policy is the way it frames itsarticles. Usually, the policy states exactly how articles will beedited and presented in the publication.

What is the purpose of an editorial?

An editorial advocates a stance, proposes an action that it wantsan elected official or the general populace to take or puts forthan opinion. They either represent the opinion of a specific writeror for the publication as a whole. Outside of the opinion pages or a clearly marked column, ajournalist ( Full Answer )

What is editorial illustration?

Editorial illustration is anything that is designed as supportmaterial for editorial content. This mostly includes images likecartoons.

What is editorial column?

You will usually find newspaper and magazine sections with theheadings of such as entertainment, news, comment and featurecontent as part of the editorial content. Editorial columns areoften letters written to the editor of the publication.

What is an editorial endorsement?

An editorial endorsement is a type of endorsement made by anewspaper to endorse a political candidate. The editorial boarddecides whom to support in an election.

What is an editorial vote?

an editorial is ....................................................................................................................... i see your dirty, face, i, i wanna kick it cuz it's dirtyface,, and make you puke, on your face, i, im not gonna clean it cuz its dirty, face, i, im gona give u aid ( Full Answer )

How long is an editorial?

There is no set length for an editorial. It can vary depending onthe subject you are writing about. In most cases you will be giveninstructions on how short or long your editorial should be. If youare writing for pleasure and haven't been instructed to do so thenyou are free to write as much or as l ( Full Answer )

What is an unsigned editorial?

In most newspapers, there is an opinion page, where various columnists express their views on the issues of the day; these columnists have a by-line at the beginning of the article (it's called a "by-line" because it tells who wrote the opinion piece-- for example, By Joseph Williams. By Heather Don ( Full Answer )

What is the antonym for editorial?

Editorial: noun: a. piece of writing. b. a statement of opinion; an explanation. c. an article or commentary, as in a newspaper or on television, that expresses an opinion or viewpoint. adjective: a. having to do with an editor or what an editor does. Synonyms: fair, hushed, impartial, mute, mu ( Full Answer )

What is editorial interpretation?

Editorial interpretation explains the significance of news, events,condition or situation. This serves as the hypothesis or theory ofa piece of literature.

Where do editorials appear?

Editorials generally appear in newspapers across the United States.They voice their opinions on most of the current events by writingtheir views in the editorial pages of the newspaper.

What is an editorial liner?

Editorial liner is a quotation used to fill in a gap or space in the newspaper. It is usually done if the space left is very small.

How do you write an editorial from the point of view of a colonist that want their independence for the colonies from Great Britain?

WikiAnswers will not write your essay for you, but we WILL help you learn how to do it yourself! Click on the Related Questions for even more information. . Write sentences the way you speak - just pretend you are telling this to a friend, and write down what you would say. What would you tell the ( Full Answer )

Editorial in a sentence?

Editorial has at least two distinct meanings. 1. a written statement in a periodical which gives an opinion, rather than stating facts: The editorial told us that the editor did not think highly of the new proposal. 2. in fashion, it refers to a photograph that "tells a story" rather than sells a ga ( Full Answer )

Who can write an editorial?

Anyone can write an editorial. If you have an opinion on thesubject, you can write an editorial. Your opinion will be moregreatly valued if you are an expert on the subject.

What is editorial fashion?

Pertaining to editorial fashion spreads in magazines, it is photo spreads that incorporate fashion and a story into full page photography.

What is the difference between a editorial and a newspaper?

An editorial is a piece of writing intended to promote an opinion, often within the pages of a newspaper. A newspaper contains many pieces of factual writing giving details of current events, usually less than a week old.

How long is a editorial?

As long as the editor wants to make it, bearing in mind that some periodicals set aside a specific space for the editor's opinion. From half a page to two pages is perhaps a common range.

What is a laudatory editorial?

A laudatory editorial is one that praises a person, action or group for doing something worth being praised. Ex. A giant pharmaceutical company gives out 10 $40,000 grants to deserving non profits in the area. A Laudatory editorial would praise the company for giving grants in a bad economy, or pr ( Full Answer )

What is an editorial board meeting?

Since you chose the condominium category, one must assume that your board is using this modifier to describe a board meeting in order to work on some kind of text, whether it be the text of the governing documents, minutes, violation notices, collection resolutions or whatever: the board is crafting ( Full Answer )

What are some symbols of editorial cartooning?

A donkey represents Democrats , the elephant the Republicans , "Uncle Sam" as the US , Russia as the bear , bankers as fat suited cigar smoking individuals , crocodiles as corruption , Britain as a lion , China as a dragon , Canada as a beaver , Peace as a dove , and many , many more . . . [Pat Olip ( Full Answer )

What is an editorial cartoon?

An editorial cartoon/political cartoon , is a comic strip , or a single panel , that depicts a current political or social message regarding a politician or current event in a humorous light .

What to write in an editorial?

Something to grab a reader's attention and your stance or opinion on the subject, paragraphs containing (unbiased) information regarding the subject, and a conclusion restating your stance and a sentence to wrap it up. You should include as much information as possible while still keeping the reader ( Full Answer )

What are different part of editorial?

Parts of an Editorial -In the first paragraph you introduce the PROBLEM or a controversial situation. At the end of the first paragraph you write your POSITION STATEMENT (clear expression of which side of the issue you support). -The second and third paragraphs are similar in the fac ( Full Answer )

What is a editorial genre?

Its the texts written format e.g. leaflet, article. So it basically is what the provided text is

What is the opposite of editorial?

If by editorial you mean a comment , then antonyms would be silence or quiet. If by editorial you mean a critique , then the antonyms would be praise or compliment.

How do you end an editorial?

you can end your editorial with the ff: -a striking statement that can hit or make the readers to action. -a quotation related to the topic -a summary about your stand *thanks*

What is magazine editorial?

a magazine editorial is when a person has to check if the person who wrote it they might have to edit it like if there are misspelled words or something doesn't make sense they will have to get the editorial to see if they like it or like I SAID ANY misspelled words bye little stupid kids

Why do they write editorials?

Really what i think is that they write editorials so the magazine will be more readable.

What is editorial omniscience?

pls bgay na yu ang ans. ls pls pls pls EWAN KO SAYO ANG BOBO MO SA AKIN ......mo pa tina nung ndi ko nga alam ??????? :p

What is crusade editorial?

You may be referring to a "crusading" editorial. While newspapers are expected to be objective in reporting the news, there have been a number of newspaper editors who believed in a cause and promoted it through their newspaper's editorial page. Some editors took a stand about ending child labor, or ( Full Answer )

What is an editorial write?

I assume you mean an editorial writer. First, an editorial usually appears in a newspaper (whether online or in hard copy) and some magazines also have editorials-- especially online magazines which can change the topic daily. An editorial gives the official opinion of that newspaper about a certain ( Full Answer )

How do you do an editorial cartoon?

You'll first need to know what message you want to stress in thecartoon itself , for ideas take a look at how other cartoonistsportray their ideas and the politicians , then select a politicaltopic and the characters that will be in the cartoon itself thenput your idea to paper . You can look to the ( Full Answer )