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If you're talking about a file in your computer, its malware. Try running Spybot Search & Destroy or a free program called "Hijack This." More info may be found at:

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โˆ™ 2005-11-16 00:34:51
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Q: What is egdaccess?
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How do you stop egdaccess 1058dll from showing up after bootup? to All! First of all I'm not an expert, but I met EGDACCESS about a month ago, and I spent app. 6 hours to get rid of it.It was another variant, EGDACCESS_1071.dll,but I think it's similar to 1058.dll.Unfortunately, I can't tell you accurate informations, like correct file names, because I haven't wrote these down, but I can give you some standing-ground to remove it.I used Ad-aware first, and it found EGDACCESS_1071.dll in the system32 folder (my OS is Windows XP), and some registry entries referring to it.The problem was, that when I removed them, it came back immediately, I opened IE.I used PrcView ( to look for the nasty process, what reinstalls it, and finally I found an unknow process, for which PrcView hasn't displayed any information.I made an online scan with Kaspersky File Scanner, and it recognized it some kind of malware with the "promo" word in it's name...I killed the process with PrcView, and deleted the file in the system32 folder, and removed all registry entries what referred to it.Then I removed the EGDACCESS active x module from IE and I found an also suspicious plug in called "Inter Trust Company or Media" and I removed it too.I don't know whether it's connected to EGDACCESS, maybe not.I removed all temporary internet files, because one of them was also the part of EGDACCESS.Then I deleted the dll file in the system folder, and all of it's registry entries, and at the end I rebooted the computer, and opened IE, and holding my breath, I watched whether the hated pop-up appears.Thank to God, it hasn't.And since then it never came back. I strongly recommend everyone, not to use IE, particularly if you browse porn pages...Instead, use Firefox or Opera, but always use up to date antivirus and firewall program and update your OS regularly.

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