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What is elasticity?

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In general terms, elasticity is the amount of stretch that an object contains. It is property by virtue of which matter keeps its shape from deforming into another.

When an external force is applied to an object the size and shape of the object may change, for example, an appropriate force is applied to a spring can elongate it. If the force ceases to act the object may restore to its original size and shape. An object is said to be elastic if it restores its original size and shape. This property of an object is known as elasticity.

In Economics, elasticity refers to the sensitivity of one variable to changes in a different variable. How much more of a product consumers will purchase when the price of that product falls is a specific example of economic elasticity.

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In economics what are the types of elasticity?

price elasticity income elasticity cross elasticity promotional elasticity

What are different types of elasticity?

The elasticity of demand refers to how sensitive the demand for a good is to changes in other economic variables. The different types are: price elasticity, income elasticity, cross elasticity and advertisement elasticity.

What does the slope of load vs deflection the represent?

It is an approximate measure of elasticity.It is an approximate measure of elasticity.It is an approximate measure of elasticity.It is an approximate measure of elasticity.

What items have elasticity?

Gum has elasticity.

What are the 3 types of elasticity?

1)price elasticity of demand 2)income elasticity of demand 3)cross elasticity of demand

Is elasticity in cotton?

No, there is no elasticity in cotton at all

How elasticity of a medium affects the speed at which sound travels?

Yes elasticity affects it. It is increasing with the elasticity.

Difference between arc and point elasticity?

Arc elasticity is used to measure the elasticity at the midpoint of two different points. Point elasticity on the other hand, is used to measure the elasticity of demand at a particular point of the demand curve. Point elasticity can also measure the elasticity between two points of a demand curve.

Application of elasticity in physics?

practical applications of elasticity

Is elasticity is the inability of a substance to stretch?

Elasticity can not and will not strecth

What do economists call elasticity?

What do economists call elasticity?

What is the effect of temperature on elasticity?

effect of temperature on elasticity

Would the concepts of cross elasticity of cross elasticity of demand and income elasticity of demand be of any interest to a pharmaceutical company?

Would the concepts of cross elasticity of demand and income elasticity of demand be of any interest to a pharmaceutical company?

If the elasticity of demand is equal to one then the demand is?

Unitary elasticity is when the price elasticity of demand is exactly equal to one.

What are the categories of a price elasticity of demands?

there are broadly classified into five types 1. Perfect price elasticity of demand 2. Perfect price in-elasticity of demand 3. Relative price elasticity of demand 4. Relative price in-elasticity of demand 5. Unity price elasticity of demand

How is elasticity of supply related to elasticity of demand?

Elasticity of demand measures how consumers react to a change in price, while elasticity of supply measures how firms will react to change in price

Is elasticity chemical or physical property?

Elasticity is a physical property.

Does quartz show maximum elasticity?

Quartz' elasticity is maximum.

What is the price elasticity in a oligopoly?

in oligopoly what is the nature of price elasticity

What are importance of elasticity of demand in economics?

Importance of elasticity in economics

What are the determinants of income elasticity of supply?

there is no income elasticity of supply...

What factor has the greatest influence on elasticity and in elasticity of supply?


Distinguish between price and income elasticity of demand?

distinguish between price elasticity of demand and income elasticity of demand

The difference of elasticity and flexibility?

There is a difference between elasticity and flexibility. Elasticity is the ability to stretch and flexibility is the ability to bend.

What is the difference that exists between arc elasticity of demand and point elasticity of demand?

Arch elasticity demand is the percentage change in one variable divided by the percentage change in another variable, it calculates the elasticity over a range of values, while point elasticity of demand uses differential calculus to determine the elasticity at a specific point