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What is electrical auto cad 2006?

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It is a 2006 version of Autodesk's CAD program called AutoCAD that is "an application built specifically to create and modify electrical controls designs."

2006-10-02 20:42:16
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What software are required for electrical engineers?

One software I know is Auto-cad, which is needed for electrical Drawing.

Where is Best electrical auto cad training institute in Bangalore?

well if you need to use CAD u are not a true electrical engineer. so i say learn to be a good engineer for starters mate... Do something useful with your life like be a hairdresser

What does CAD in auto CAD stand for?

Computer Aided Design.

What is the difference between cad and autocad?

CAD is abbreviationof Computer Aided Designing the terminology and Auto CAD is the Software of CAD

How do you get free auto cad software from websites?

you can download free auto cad software from download dot com

What is 2D modeling in Auto Cad?

What is modeling? Explain about 2D model and 3D model approach in Auto Cad.

What are the minimum printer specifications for Auto cad and Does ink jet printers support Auto cad?

The minimum printer specifications for Auto CAD are a buffer RAM of 256MB and a print resolution of up to 2400 x 1200 dpi.

What is the meaning of auto cad?

Its a convoy of vehicles.

Who is father of auto cad?

Ivan Sutherland

What are the different types of CAD?

Mainly types of CAD are 2-Dimensional and 3-Dimensional On the basis of CAD fields there are different types like Civil CAD, Electrical CAD, Mechanical CAD, Interior CAD, Architecture CAD etc. For more details, visit :

Who uses CAD system and why?

Mechanical, electrical/electronic and building Engineers are the foremost users of CAD software.

Why use auto cad?

AutoCAD is a software application for 2d and 3d design and drafting and this can be used in machinacal enginering,electrical engenring ,modling and many other fileds.

What are the qualities of Auto Cad operator-draftsmen that are important to communicate when being interviewed?

What are the qualities of Auto Cad operator-draftsmen that are important to communicate when being interviewed?

Why I should hire you as an auto CAD operator?

There are a number of reasons why you should hire someone as an auto CAD operator. This person may be very good at the job for example.

Which of the public schools in Anchorage, AK offer training in Auto Cad?

The provided telephone Tel.: 907.344.1393. will give the information about the requirement of the courses offering in Auto Cad

Who uses AutoCAD?

auto cad is used by architects,civil engineers,mech engineers,electrical engineers etc..architects lyk keerthi,karthi,kriba,kavya,alan...

How do you use autocad 3d?

how to use auto cad 3d

Are there any Auto Cad designer jobs in Dubai?

Yes there are

Is i3 processor compatible for auto cad?

Yes, it is compatible.

Do video game designers use auto CAD?


Importance of auto-cad to civil engineering?


Does HP Laserjet 3050 pcl 6 printer supports auto-cad files to get printed?

No HP laser jet 3050?æprinter does not support auto cad files to get printed. You will need to stick with the basic cad files in order to have them printed.

How might an architect use a computer to design buildings?

An architect can use an Auto CAD program on a computer to design buildings. CAD stands for Computer Aided Design. The Auto CAD program makes it easier to make the blueprints and make changes to them as needed.

What is the difference between cad and auto cad and which one is better?

CAD is the generic name for all Computer Aided Design and Draughting software. Autocad is the most popular software provider.

What is auto cad for what it used?

it is useful specially engineering in making a plan of buildings.