What is enterprenuership?

Updated: 12/12/2022
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An entrepreneur is a person who starts a new firm and bears the most of the risks while reaping the majority of the benefits. Entrepreneurship refers to the process of starting a business. The entrepreneur is frequently portrayed as a pioneer, a provider of novel ideas, products, services, and/or business processes.

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Q: What is enterprenuership?
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What is an enterprenuership?

What is an enterprenuership?

What is the role of enterprenuership?

what is the role of enterprenuership in an organization

What are the importance of enterprenuership?

Enterprenuership facilitate and enhence the community will be make benifts in their economics

How does the financialsystem contributes to the development of enterprenuership in Nigeria?

How does the financialsystem contributes to the development of enterprenuership in nigeria?

What is the important of enterprenuership?

it is useful i think

Is there any differences between entreprenuership and enterprenuership?

no difference

How do you pronounced enterprenuership?

ŏn'trə-prə-nûr', -nʊr' shĭp

What enterprenuership means?

(entrepreneur) -Someone who organizes a business venture and assumes the risk for it.

What are the Factors of production give examples?

land labour e.g frame work,teaching and researching. enterprenuership capital eg machinery and manufacturing plant for private capital and infrastructure for public capital.

What is the difference between enterprenuership and small business?

An entrepreneur is the person that starts a business. Entrepreneurship is the process of starting a business. A small business is just that, a small business. It is also a government category that has a technical definition that varies from location to location. The difference is that entrepreneurship is not restricted to starting a small business, though this is the type of business that is most frequently started by an entrepreneur.

What is the enterprenuership skills?

It does depend on what kind of business you want to run. But you also need to know how to run a business, and what you need to run the business. (material wise) Anyways, running a business is hard especially if you do not have enough money for everything. And if your business is going bad, then your business, is going to go out of business because you wont be getting any money from it !If you intend to start a new Business its always advisable to do a job first to get experience of that particular field of your Business.In this way it becomes more comfortable in running the business ,since you get a proper knowledge from your work experience about handling the business properly.At the same time its always good to do proper financial and management planning,studying selling market,product costs if you're starting a manufacturing business,etc, before getting into any new business,in order to do things successfully and avoid losses.--------Read the book "Rich Dad Poor Dad" and i guarantee the knowledge you will obtain from this book will be a big asset for you.

What is the meaning of enterprenuership?

It can be the act of one who organizes, manages, and assumes the risks of a business or enterprise." Entrepreneurship is the dynamic process of creating incremental wealth. This wealth is created by individuals who assume the majority risks in terms of equity, time, and/ or career commitment of providing value for some products or services. The product or service itself may not be new or unique but value must somehow be infused by he entrepreneur by securing and allocating the necessary skills and resources." (Ronstadt, 1984:28)According to Shapero (1975)"In entrepreneurship, there is the agreement that we are talking of a kind of behaviour that includes :initiative takingthe organizing or reorganizing of socio-economic mechanisms to turn resources and situations to practical accounts, andthe acceptance of the risk of failure"In effect, an entrepreneur is an innovator or developer who recognizes and seizes opportunities; converts those opportunities into workable ideas; adds value through time,effort, money or skills; assume the risks of the competitive marketplace to implement these ideas, and realizes the rewards from these efforts. (Ronstadt, 1985)