What is escape volocity?

Updated: 12/23/2022
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Q: What is escape volocity?
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What is the volocity of a wave?

the speed the wave travels threw space

What is the equation to find an objects volocity?

v = d/t

How did the lamborghini impact the society?

its changed the world in speed and volocity

What are the physical concepts involved in skydiving?

acceleration, and deceleration, treminal volocity.

What is the volocity of volleyball?

Professional players can get speeds around 100km/h

What is the speed of terminal volocity?

You could multiply force times mass, with gravity being the force, thus giving acceleration then take away the force in which drag acts upon to gibe the terminal volocity

What control causes a change in volocity?

A resultant force causes a change in velocity.

Can you find volocity if you have wavelength and frequency?

Wavelength = Velocity / Frequency So, Velocity = Wavelength * Frequency

How hard does Mike Tyson punch?

At his height..Mike Tyson's Punching volocity one of the greatest of any era.

What are things associated with physics?

Gravity, Newton's laws, acceleration, volocity, and loads of math just to name a few.

What is the difference of an objects speed and an objects volocity?

when you know both speed and direction of an objects motion you know the velocity of an object.

What is the volocity og a train that travels 100 miles west in 2 hours?

speed = distance/time = 100mi/2h = 50mi/h