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Q: What is evaporation in relation to sweat?
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Why does not camel sweat?

Camels do sweat, the evaporation takes place at skin level and not on their coat

How do sweat glands contribute to temperature regulation in mammals?

Some mammals do not sweat. For mammals that do sweat, evaporation of the sweat is how cooling works.

Why does a person sweat?

Fear. exertion. Sweat is used to cool the body by evaporation.

Why does sweat cool you?

by the process of evaporation

What is the number of kcalories expended from evaporation of one liter of sweat?

When you workout and produce sweat, it results in a loss of calories from the body. If there is an evaporation of one liter of sweat, there would be 600 calories that will be removed or expended from the body.

Why do you feel cool when you sweat?

You feel cool after you sweat because your body releases heat through evaporation, that's why you sweat.

When humans sweat water release heat through?

Sweat releases heat through evaporation.

Why does the evaporation of sweat cool your body on a warm day?

Evaporation is the vaporization that takes place only on the surface of a liquid. Evaporation takes up energy - and it takes up that energy from the warm surface of your skin. Thus, when sweat evaporates, it takes heat from your skin, cooling it.

What are some ways people use evaporation to keep cool?

the evaporation of sweat keeps the body cool

Why does evaporation of sweat from a body have a cooling effect?

Because evaporation is a process which need absorption of heat, it is endothermic.

What else can you sweat for?

Sweating, also known as perspiration, is the production of fluids secreted by the sweat glands in the skin of mammals. Evaporation of sweat from the skin surface has a cooling effect due to the evaporation of water. Sweating is done to cool down the body's temperature.

How do you produce sweat?

Sweat is basically water produced by the sweat glands in the skin. Your body's Integumentary system produces the sweat. THen evaporation does its job and your body fat is turned into sweat.

What your sweat does when it leaves your skin?

Cools the skin by evaporation

How does sweat cool you?

Evaporation is a process with absoption of heat,

How does sweat cool the body by removing heat?

Sweat evaporates. Evaporation requires heat, so when the sweat evaporates, it absorbs heat from the skin, cooling it.

Does evaporation require heating?

No. But it does require a transfer of heat energy. So the evaporation of sweat cools you.

What does the body depend upon when cooling itself in a hot environment?

The latent heat of evaporation of water - the evaporation of sweat.

Why you sweat more during humid climate?

It is actually not a matter of sweating more but of it being more difficult to evaporate the sweat. If you are in a dry and windy place it is very simple for sweat to evaporate, in a more humid area there is more water in the air already and therefore makes evaporation of the sweat much more difficult. Then it would appear that you sweat more because you are seeing the sweat, however it is a matter of evaporation.

What are other examples of evaporation to cool things down?

Sweating is a major example of evaporation to cool down. That is why people sweat. When the sweat is evaporated off of the body, it causes the person to cool down some.

When your sweat evaporates is that a chemical change?

Evaporation is a physical phenomenon.

What does the human body depend on to cool itself?

sweat and evaporation

How does the skin fuction to keep you cool?

You can sweat. Evaporation cools.

What is the major function of the sweat glands?

cooling of the body by evaporation

How does sweating regulate body temperature?

Cooling is done by evaporation. So when we sweat evaporation takes place and the temperature is regulated.

What does evaporation cool?

Um, try rephrasing the question. The evaporation of water is a cooling process, hence when we sweat, we cool off.