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Q: What is example of a general sense?
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Example of general sense as context clues?

no i cannot answer it i want to know myself

What is the definition Examples and general sense of a sentence?

An example sentence is a sentence written to show usage of a particular word or phrase. This sentence is an example of an example sentence!

What is a antonym for strike?

Ball (in the baseball sense) or carress (in the general sense)

What does the general mean by instinct is no match for reason?

Something may make complete sense but people ignore it. For example, When a preying mantis mates, it then eats its male partner's head. Why? Beause its their instinct. It makes no sense why they would do that.

What are the example of sense of responsibility?

For Example: Feeding Your Dog. Its You Sense Of Responsibility That Makes You Want To Keep It Alive.

Did Bilbo pray?

In a religious sense, no. In the general sense that things should work out, certainly.

Is concentration camp capitalized?

When used in a general sense use small letters. However, if you are writing about a named camp, use capitals, for example: Dachau Concentration Camp.

In the first scene of a short story a character pulls a gun In a general sense the gun in this example may be said to symbolize?

Life, death, good, bad, strong, weak

Is the phrase 'makes no sense' correct grammar?

If you use it with a singular subject it is correct: It makes no sense to me. - singular subject = it The example makes no sense. - singular subject = example Compare: They make no sense to me. - plural subject = they

What are general characteristics of sense organs?

Theyall have mitochondria

What is an example of a visceral sense?


Chemical senses include vision and hearing?

No, they do not. The sense of taste is an example of a chemical sense.