What is faa?

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FAA is the Federal Aviation Authority.

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What is the FAA?

FAA stands for the Federal Aviation Administration

How much money does an faa get paid?

Depends on the job you are hired for in the FAA.

What is abbreviation of FAA?

In the US, FAA is the abbreviation for the Federal Aviation Administration.

Does the FAA assign numbers to aircraft?

Yes the N numbers you see are assigned by the FAA.

Is FAA related to aircraft?

Yes, FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) is related to aircraft.

What are the keyboard notes for little brown jug?

This song is really cool.........AND EASY VOICE- ClarinetIt goes like this ......GEGG FAA BBAB CDEEGG FAA BBAB DCCECG FAA BBAB CDEECG FAA BBAB DCC

Who ordered all planes to land on 911?

For the US it was the FAA. Each country has there own version of the FAA.

How does a flight tracker work?

Flight trackers work by getting information directly from the FAA. Planes keep the FAA up to date with their exact location and the FAA pushes the information through the flight tracker.

Can a law suit against the FAA be tried in a state court?

I believe the FAA is federal, not state. I do not think state courts would decide on federal matters. If you knew what FAA stood for... Federal Aviation Administration

Is adderall banned by the faa for flight crews if administered by a physician?

The FAA makes the ultimate decision for that during the tests that are conducted.

What does faa mean?

FAA means Federal Aviation Administration or also known as Federal Aircraft Administration or even Federal Airplane Administration.

What drugs does the FAA test for?

The FAA actually usually does not screen or test for drugs at all. Instead, they tend to screen for diabetes and kidney disease.

What does FAA stand for?

The FAA associated with aviation is the Federal Aviation Administration A related link is attached to this question that will take you to a list of associated links.

What does the FAA do?

Inspect and license civilian aircraft.

Define works for aviation safety?


At what time did the faa halt all flight operation at us airports?

at what time did the FAA halt ALL flight operation at United States airports?

How are airports classified as large hub medium hub etc by the FAA?

The airports are classified as large hub or medium hub by the FAA depending with the capacity that they can handle.

How do you say Flower in Cantonese?

'Flower' in Cantonese is 'Faa.'

How do say thank you in Samoan?

faa- fe- tai

What is the 20th letter of the Arabic alphabet?

fa or faa

How do you get an FAA commercial pilots license?

lots of training

What are all the other countries follow FAA?


If the FAA determines that an airport does not meet its Part 139 obligations the FAA can limit the areas of the airport where air carriers can land or take off?

take away your 121 status

What are possible FAA career opportunities?

The FAA recruits Aviation Safety Inspectors, Electronics Technicians, Engineers, Administrative occupations, Air Traffic Controllers, Computer Specialists, and others.

How low can you fly in the US If you owned a private planejet does the FAA limit how low and high you can fly If not the FAA does the local airport?

Yes, there are restrictions for flying that applies to private planes. The FAA controls air space over certain cities and small private planes are restricted to a maximum altitude and speed.

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