What is faithful amplification?

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The process of raising the strength of a weak signal without any change in its general shape is known as faithful amplification. Conditions required for faithful Amplication: 1. Proper zero signal collector current 2. Minimum proper base emitter voltage at any instant. 3. Minimum proper collector-emitter voltage at ay instant. In short, the base-emitter junction shall remain properly forward biased and the base-collector junction shall remain properly reverse biased to achieve Faithful Amplicaiton.
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What is faith?

Faith is believing something. It is an important part of all majorreligions. ANSWER Faith is a noun, one that denotes action. One must actively takesteps forward, as if what they hope and believe for has alreadybeen given, even though they can't see it yet. ANSWER faith is like a love is very hot ( Full Answer )

What is self amplification?

Self amplifying, cycle of acceptance and acknowledgment in you. It's the chain reaction that will ultimately define our ability to overcome imagined differences and look at life in the grand scheme of things

How to be faithful?

im soooooo sexy it hurts . Answer . To be faithful is to be filled with faith or trust. Religions have been made on this question. Faith is usually gained by paying attention to the perfection on beauty or sychronicity in a thing. When this outweighs the negative, faith develops.. If you are ( Full Answer )

How do you have faith?

Faith simply means believing. We all believe in something, some people believe the answer is how much money they have... I put my faith in Jesus Christ, the living word of God. In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God, and was God. The same in the Beginning. The Word became Flesh a ( Full Answer )

What is faithfulness?

Faithfulness is the quality of being faithful or the act offidelity. It means that a person is steadfast and true.

Conditions for faithful amplification?

Answer . 1. Signal to noise ratio should be low at the amplifier outlet. (Vaccuum tube amps are best.). 2. No distortion at the output due to the amp being overdriven.. 3. Impedence matching at the input and output.

What is an example of amplification in literature?

In literature, amplification consist of restating a word or ideaand adding more details. For example: The professor gave apresentation in which he showed us different slides

What is current amplification of a transistor?

a transistor ampify the current i.e. you the output current proportional to the input one. in CE amplifier , this ratio is more than one I c /I b = current amplification factor this extra ampitude comes from the biasing batteries used.

How do you get faith?

Well the word of God in Romans chapter 10:17 so then faith comes by hearing, and hearing of the word of GOD. In Hebrews chapter 11: Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Luke 11:28 But he said, Yea rather, blessed are they that hear the word of God, and kee ( Full Answer )

What is your faith?

Your faith is a set of personal beliefs that might also be held in common with other people in part or in full. It is usually not based on empirical data but is of an intuitive nature. Ideally it is based on personal experience rather than on an external expectation from others.

How can you have faith?

You can have faith in many things. But if you want to have a saving faith in the Lord Jesus Christ you have to know a few things about Him. The Apostle Paul tells us in Romans 10:17, "So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God." If you do not know about something you can't really ( Full Answer )

What is signal amplification in cell signaling?

Signal amplification is when receptor proteins interact withmolecules known as signal molecules. This makes the signalsstronger so that things get done more quickly.

What is amplification?

Amplification is any process that increases something. Correspondingly attenuation is any process thatdecreases something. The something can be electronic signals, hydraulic signals,pneumatic signals, torques, biological material, etc.

Amplification of satellite dishes?

-- Measure the diameter of the dish, in feet. -- Take the frequency of the satellite signal, in gigahertz. -- Multiply the two numbers. -- Take the common log of the product. -- Multiply the log by 20, and then add 7 1 / 2 . -- The result is very close to the gain of the dish, in dB, ( Full Answer )

How does gene amplification cause drug resistance?

When a drug is administered, it is given at a prescribed dose so the active ingredient can bind and inhibit a particular enzyme, or target. Gene amplificatin increases the amount of copies of a particular area of chromosome and thus increases the amount of mRNA which will be transcribed. If the targ ( Full Answer )

What is somatic amplification?

Somatosensory amplification . SA is a tendency to perceive normal somatic and visceral sensations as being overly intense in a negative way.

What sort of amplification does a harp have?

There is usually a sound chamber located close to the player. The strings run into this, and when one is plucked the air within the chamber vibrates with it, amplifying the tone. Some players put microphones in here to create a louder noise still for concert purposes.

Do you have faith?

Since this question is in the category of the Bible, I believe that you are aking about Divine faith. Yes I have all my faith in God. Jesus is my Lord and Savior. A believer in any religion has faith in their God according to their religion. Not all religions believe in God the same way as another r ( Full Answer )

What is light amplification?

In Physics , light amplification is the way that makes the number of photons of light go larger than its original number , and it can be done with an amplifier .. This process is usually being used in producing Laser beam ( laser = light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation ) ... This i ( Full Answer )

What is faith to you?

If you know something (truth) without doubt or to know a truth from a person who had already got the truth is FAITH. According to Answers.com: # Confident belief in the truth, value, or trustworthiness of a person, idea, or thing. # Belief that does not rest on logical proof or material evidenc ( Full Answer )

What can your faith do for you?

it can keep you in the right mind if you have the right religion. help you with your day to day schedule or issues and keeps your body after death. it keeps me well and away from harm

What are the symptoms of extreme amplification?

People suffering from extreme amplification are very uncomfortablewhen faced with the slightest problems. Examples include slightpains and temperatures mildly higher or lower than usual.

What is rearward amplification?

This is a specifics phenomenon that affect Long Combinations of Vehicles (LCV). It is the increase of lateral displacement of the last vehicle when comparated with the lateral displacement of the tractor vehicle in curves and evasive maneuvers. In consequent of this rear amplification, the last unit ( Full Answer )

What is vhf wideband amplifer?

\n"wide band amplifiers are those amplifiers which amplify ah a higher band width or in short the frequency range is very wide.. by VHF indicates Very High Freaquency- denotes hiher ranges of freaquency 30MHZ to 300 MHZ these amplifiers are working on these reagions so as we need amplifiers of these ( Full Answer )

What is extreme amplification?

Amplification is when a virus multiplies through the body of thehost. Extreme amplification multiplies the virus exponentiallywithin the host.

What is current amplification factor?

Current Amplification Factor or Current Gain is basically the ratioof the ratio of the output current to the input current when itspassing through an electrical device. So, it gives us the amount ofcurrent gained as it flows through. output current/input current For example:for CE Transistor ,beta=i ( Full Answer )

How can you be faithful?

We can be faithful by the words of God. Acknowledging God in whatever we did, a good stewardship in God's side. Doing and sincere in what has been assign by God to us.

Why is RF amplification needed in a radio receiver?

In a typical radio receiver, there will be, a tuning stage, several IF stages, followed by an audio amplifier. (And a few other ancillary bits we'll ignore here.) The signal from the aerial could be a microvolt or less, and the voltage required at the audio stage will be a few volts. It is not absol ( Full Answer )

How current amplification is occur in a transistor?

A: Vacuum tubes are current amplifiers transistors are voltage amplifier. The voltage drop across the collector resistor causes amplification since very little current in the base will change a large current in the collector.

How does amplification of sound take place?

Sound, which is actually waves of varying pressure in the air, is converted into electrical energy by a microphone , which is often a coil of wire suspended in a magnetic field. The waves of air pressure at the microphone cause the coil to move, which generates an electrical waveform that is, as mu ( Full Answer )

What the difference between amplification and magnification?

Amplification is often associated with sound, electricity and other wave phenomena. Magnification is often associated with size and dimensions. Examples: If you amplify the light it will get brighter; while if you magnify an image it will get larger.

Why is enzyme amplification so important?

Enzyme Amplification is the production of thousands of enzymes via the bondage of a hormone to a receptor protein. As enzymes are essential to chemical reactions within cells there needs to be a substantial amount to maintain the basal metabolic rate. Thus if only one Enzyme was produced to every ( Full Answer )

What is amplification when referring to DNA synthesis?

Amplification is the production of many copies of a particular DNA segment. The copying repeats - so that copies of the copies are made. This results in many, many copies in only a few cycles. PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) is the most common method of amplifying DNA.

Need for DNA amplification?

When the amount of DNA iolated from cells is of a very small quantity and we are interested in studying only a specific stretch of DNA, it needs to be amplified DNA amplification means making millions of copies of a very specific stretch of the DNA After amplification, it becomes easier to analyze ( Full Answer )

Why doesn't my amplifer work?

It could be unlplugged. Don't laugh, it happens! It could have a blown fuse. The circuit for your wall outlet could have a blown fuse, or a popped breaker. Try plugging in to an outlet in a different room, if you can. Outside of those ideas, we would have to know, for instance, does it light up, ( Full Answer )

Why signal distorted after amplification?

Distortion can be caused by many things, and varying levels. Two of the most common are;- Clipping. This is when the amplifier has reached maximum or minimum amplification and causes the wave form, to be flat top and bottom. It squares the waveform and sounds rough. Usually due to the input signal ( Full Answer )

What is the relationship between divergence and amplification?

Gene duplication (or chromosomal duplication or gene amplification) is any duplication of a region of DNA that contains a gene; it may occur as an error in homologous recombination, a retrotransposition event, or duplication of an entire chromosome.

What is meant by amplification of sound?

Answer: Amplification of sound means to strengthen the weak signals so that sound from long distaces can reach their destiny appropriately and hence can be heard properly. Answer: Because of the law of conservation of energy, this requires additional energy input.

Why cb configuration is preferred for amplification?

Actually ce configuration is preferred for amplification since it has a current gain of 20-500 and also has appreciable voltage and power gain. It has moderate output to input impedence ratio(about 50).

What is amplification factor?

In electronics, amplification factor is usually called "gain". An electronic amplifier increases its input signal by the amount of its "gain". It's the ratio of the output signal to the input signal. It is unitless, so just a number, like "20". Say an amplifier has an input of 1 volt, and an outpu ( Full Answer )

What is feedback amplifer?

A negative feedback amplifier (or more commonly known as feedback amplifier)can be defined as an amplifier which combines a fraction of the output with the input so that a negative feedback opposes the original signal.

In psychology what does 'amplification' refer to?

Amplification in psychology refers to a person's proclivity to increase complaints regarding physical ailments based on psychological factors. For example a person who is depressed may "feel" stomach hunger pangs more acutely while the pangs themselves are no more or less physically different that b ( Full Answer )

What is faith-?

Faith refers to a strong belief in the doctrines of a givenreligion based on the spiritual apprehension.

What is the meaning of amplification of gene?

Gene amplification is the process of taking a very tiny sample (insome cases as few as one molecule of DNA) and rapidly generating asample of millions or billions of identical molecules of DNA. This process must be entirely acellular, so that the sample is notcontaminated with unrelated DNA. The mos ( Full Answer )