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It's good for accessing data in large applications.

AnswerDefinition: A far pointer in segmented architecture computer is a pointer which includes segment number to address the entire 1mb memory which is available under Dos.

example: int main() {

int a; a=10; printf("%d",&a); return 0;

} Explanation:

When this code is saved/compiled the processor allocates a small amount of memory and memor address is given between the memory range 0 to 65,535.Which is part of the 1mb dos memory ie(10,48,780)bytes.If you want to store data/code beyond the memory range and any where in that 1mb memory.You can do that using the far pointers.By declaring a variable as 'far'pointer.The compiler tells the processor to allocate memory for that specific data/code to perform a specific process in that specific address.The address which is exceeds the 65,535 memory range if referred using the 4 digit hexadecimal number,using the two CPU registers namely segment,offset. While referring to memory address greater than 65,535,the 1mb dos memory is divided into segments,Each segment containing 0 to 65,535 locations(64kb) and to refer these segments the segment register is used.The offset regsiter is used to refer the 65,535 locations present in each segment. So using these two registers(segment:offset)we can refer the entire 1mb memory avialable in Dos.And it is done by writing the segment and offset address side by side like this B8000000.The first four hexadecimal digit represents the segment address and the last four hexadecimal address represents the offset address.

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Q: What is far pointer and its uses?
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What are near and far pointer in c?

Far and near pointer is only introduced in turbo C compiler.When the pointer refers to an address in the same segment it is called near pointer, but when it refers to an address in another segment it is called far pointer.

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It is a matter of the memory model you are using. On old or embedded systems, some memory was outside of the range of a normal pointer. If you have 4 megs of ram you need at least a 22bit pointer to see all of it. But let's say you only have a 16 bit pointer. This means you can only access the first 65K of ram. Odd as it may sound, this was a problem on old computers, and is sometimes an issue on embedded devices with limited processing power. The near and far classifications were a solution. Pointers are near by default. In my example above, the 65K of ram would be accessed with a near pointer. To get past that 16 bit limit, you need a far pointer. Thus: memory within the pointer's range is near. Memory outside of the range is far. Near pointer: char near * ptr; Far pointer: char far * ptr;A far pointer uses both the segment and the offset address to point to a location in memory. A near pointer in contrast uses only the offset address and the default segment. The far pointer can point to any location in memory, whereas the near pointer can only point to a nearby local address.Something that was important 20 years ago. Now you can forget it.

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