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believe it or not, the kx 60 is faster a cause of it having a motor too powerful for the small, light frame, so yes, the kx 60 is faster than the yz 85

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โˆ™ 2010-10-28 19:07:05
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Q: What is faster a kx 60 or a yz 85?
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What dirt bike is faster cr yz kx?


Is a kx 125 faster than a yz 125?

no i have a 2000 yz 125 and can beat a kx 125 blind folded

Which is faster klx 140 or yz 85?

yz 85 will smoke it!!

How fast does a yz 85?


How fast does a Yamaha yz 85 go?

a yz 85 goes about any where between 60 and 70 m.p.h

Is the cr85 or yz85 faster?

the yz 85 is has a faster top speed: yz 85: 140km/h cr 85: 110km/h but the cr85 has a broader powerband. overall the yz is better though myself i ride a kx85

How much faster is a yz 85 to a ttr125?

a lot about 20mph

What is faster a kawasaki 110 or a yahmaha yz85?

yz 85

What is faster a Yamaha yz 85 or a Yamaha ttr 125?

yz 85 cus its 2 stroke but if u modify the 125 enough the 125 is faster ya dinconpoop the ttr 125 is faster

How fast does Yamaha yz 85 go?

Stock 55-60

Fuel mix ratio for 2004 kx 85?

32:1 for KX 40:1 for YZ Not sure the ratio on CR's, and RM's.

What is faster a 1999 kx 80 or a 2001 yz 80?

The kx 80 goes way faster it goes 65 If u have a pro circuit pipe it will go 70-75 The yz 80 goes 50-55 if u have a pro circuit pipe it will go 55-67

What year is Yamaha yz 85?

the first yz 85 was built in 1977

Which is faster yz85 or a ttr230?

clooose but yz 85 off start and 230 on long run

Is a ktm 85sx faster than a yz 85 both stock On a long run?


Is a yz 85 faster than a sx 85?

yes, top speed of a yz 85 is 140km/h top speed of the ktm 85sx is 104km/h, however the ktm is better in performance and got softer stocked suspension

Is the kx85 or yz85 faster?

the yz85 is faster because it has so much top end and no power valves and the kx does. in a race a yz would win but it is 10% bike / 90% rider

What is the difference in a yz 80 and a yz 85?

different cc

Will a yz 250 engine fit on the 2003 yz 85?


What is the fastest 85-125 motorcross bike?

in my oppion for 85 i would choose the yz 85 it has a crazy powerband and is fastest in the higher rpms. for 125 i would have to say kx 125 in my oppion because it goes very fast into the powerband

How fast does a yz65 go?

there is no such thing as a yz 65 there is a kx 65 and a rm 65 and a ktm 65 but no yz 65

What is faster YZ 80 or a CR80?

The YZ 80 is faster. It has a wicked power band.

Will Yamaha yz 85 parts fit a Yamaha yz 80?

so of them will

Can you fit a yz 125 motor into a yz 85 frame?

yes it can i have done it

What is faster yz 85 or cr 85?

Depends on the year but if they are both stock and the same age Yamaha's typicly go a little faster but if your racing rider skill is more important because they are basicly equal.