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What is fatal?

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its like poison if you put this on someone they could die so dont try it!

Fatal means that you can die from it; e.g. some poison is fatal.
causes death

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Is fibromyalgia fatal?

No it is not fatal

Can genital herpes and genital warts be fatal?

They can be fatal; but it is HIGHLY unlikely for them to be fatal.

Is malaria fatal?

potentially fatal

Is TIA fatal?

it is not always fatal

Is porphyria fatal?

Yes, it can be fatal.

Is ischemia fatal?

is ishema fatal

Is raynauds fatal?

Raynaud's phenomenon is not fatal.

Is elephantitis fatal?

It's fatal in elephants.

Is brain fever fatal?

Yes, it can be fatal.

Is cleft palate a fatal disorder?

No, it is not fatal.

What part of speech is fatal?

fatal is an adjective.

Why is HIV such a dangerous and potentially fatal virus?

it is fatal

When is the IRS fatal day?

irs fatal day

Is Dwarfism fatal?

It is fatal, but it matters of what kind of dwarfism.

What is a fatal dose of darvacet?

What is a fatal dose of darvocet

Is dysentery fatal?

It can cause severe dehydration which can be fatal.

Is hypertention fatal?

yes, hypertension is really fatal.

Is Down syndrome invariably fatal?

It usually is not fatal.

Is klebsiella pneumoniae fatal?

Yes it is... Rapidly fatal

Is a urinary tract infection fatal?

A UTI is not fatal.

What is the verb form of fatal?

There is no verb form of fatal

What is a sentence for fatal?

"The cut in her side was fatal. She was dead the next morning.", "The fatal gunshot was heard throughout the mall."

Are all untreated STDs fatal?

Not all STDs are fatal if untreated. Syphilis and HIV are fatal without treatment.

What is a fatal flaw?

A fatal flaw is a kind of mistake that is very dangerous. A flaw is a mistake, and fatal means very dangerous, so a fatal flaw is a terrible and dangerous mistake.

Is bronchitis fatal?

No but it may lead to something that is fatal is not treated.