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Fate is the theory that everything happens just the way it is supposed to happen and all things and events are predetermined.

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How do you use cheats on fate?

Its impossible Fate is Fate

When was Fate - Fate album - created?

Fate - Fate album - was created in 1985.

How many fate games are there?

There are currently 3: Fate, Fate: Undiscovered Realms, and Fate: The Traitor Soul.

How do you get fate?

fate is not real

What is a force that some believe controls events?

fate or destiny

What is the Gaelic word for 'fate'?

Fate means cinniúint / dán in Irish.

What is the scottish word for fate?


What does obvious fate mean?

Obvious Fate means that a fate seems to be easy to know or notice

What is a homophone for the word fate?


What part of speech is fate?

Fate is a noun.

What is abstract noun for fate?

Fate ness

Who does Oedipus blame for his fate?

He blames you for his fate.

What is the unlock code for FATE and FATE undiscovered realms?

There is no unlock code for Fate and Fate Undiscovered Realms. When the game is purchased you are provided with a unique code.

What is the word 'fate' when translated from English to Japanese?

Unmei, is Destiny, Sadame is fate, Hitsuzen is Inevitability.Unmei (運命) means fate.

What is the fate of the newly formed subunits?

What is the fate of the newly formed subunits? What is the fate of the newly formed subunits?

What is the Arabic word for 'fate'?

fate : al qadar القدرdestiny : al maseer المصير

What are examples of fate?

A great example of fate is Oedipus.

Where was Obama's fate decided?

where obama's fate was decided

Fate the undiscovered realms?

its the 2nd edition to Fate

What is Fate in Tagalog?

Tagalog translation of fate: kapalaran

What is the meaning of fate in kannada?

fate=adrastha, hanebaraha

The dominance of fate in mythology?

dominance of fate in mythology

Do you believe in fate and why?

i believe in fate because it helps me to know that by fate any thing can happen. For example, if i said that i wanted a aptop and my friends say that it can't happen and i say i will happenby fate and it happens it meansthat the fate helped me.

What does beowulf think about fate?

Beowulf does not believe that a persons fate is determined. He feels that a persons fate can be determined by themselves.

Who is Max green from escape the fate?

he is the bassist in escape the fate