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Felching is a sexual practice in which semen is sucked out of another person's anus. The individual sucking the semen may swallow it or pass it, mouth to mouth, to a partner. The term for the latter act is snowballing. a man drinking his own semen out of his partners anus

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Are fireworks illegal in Kentucky?

No you have to be a felching idiot to think that.

What is proctophobia?

Proctophobia is a kind of severe fear of manÕs anus or rectum. This fear can be achieved from being addicted to felching.

What is shrimping?

Shrimping is the act of toe sucking or licking for sexual gratification of both persons. Not to be confused with felching which is an entirely different act altogether.

What is shrimping sexually?

when two gay men have sex in the rectum. One ejaculates in the booty then sips out the cum with a straw. (If this answer is true, it is also known as felching).

What is the rumor about Richard Gere and the gerbil?

A Huge Unproven Rumor That Went ViralThe rumorRichard Gere used a gerbil during anal sex one crazy night in Amsterdam (it's called felching).Is it true?No, it doesn't seem to be true. No sources could be found proving this rumor to be true. In addition, no official statements have been made by Richard Gere himself, by anyone representing him, or by any participants or witnesses to the supposed event.

Is it safe to do felching?

Truthfully, it depends; if you are extracting semen from the anus, you run the risk of contracting diseases such as E. Coli, strep throat, dysentery (common in countries where drinking water is contaminated with feces), and the possibility of coming in contact with parasites. You can lessen the risk of this by performing an enema or colonic before sex, but there will still be a risk. However, if you extract semen from the vagina (taking for granted one of the partners is female--no judgements here), there should be no risks as long as you are well-acquainted with your partner's sexual history--just to be on the safe side.

What is the main requirements to play in the NFL?

24 years old according to the NFL guidbook for official play and rules of football in the NFL association. however, one can enter the draft at 17 years of age with a restriction to a minimum of 5 years playing time on field and a salary cap at $200,000. for more info on the subject of NFL regulations refer to my book: the NFL guidbook for official play and rules of football in the NFL association by Joshua Adams Gates III. I also do some Rap on the side, please check out my latest mixtape, it's about to drop on the 4th, it's entitled get money or don't! we doing big things aka big things poppin' aka rank money aka Felching all over the world! thanks for the time and i hope this answered your question! We da Best!