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What is flat back How can massage correct it?

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There is no curve in the lower back it is called flat back. It is something that doesn't need correcting. I would rather have a flat back then be lordic. Lordic is when there is a curve in the lower back and it does need to be corrected.

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What is the correct term for a professional in massage therapy?

The correct term is massage therapist.

What is Egassam Massage?

Back massage!

Can a foot massage help with back pain?

No, a foot massage can not help with back pain.

Do you prefer a full body massage or a back massage?

Back massages are way better

How do you spell masauge?

The correct spelling is massage.

How do you spell masasage?

The correct spelling is "massage"

Why is it important to maintain correct personal posture during massage?

When you are undergoing a massage the body is being relaxed. When your massage is over you can move quickly causing the tendons, vertebra, and muscles to tear or strain. Having correct personal posture during a massage can help to minimize these problems.

How do you give a neck massage?

There are a number of techniques that can be used when giving a neck massage. One technique is to place each thumb on the back of the person's neck and to rub the bottom of the neck where it meets the shoulders. However, pressure is often more of a factor than technique when giving a successful massage. It is advised that you ask the person whether or not the pressure is correct and adjust your pressure accordingly.

Do you prefer getting a full body massage or back massage?

Back massage is more common. It's also more relaxing since back pains annoys the most than any other pain on your body.

Are you supposed to be undressed during a massage?

yes so they can massage ure sholders and back

What is a Chair Massage?

A chair massage is a massage performed in a special chair, with the client upright and fully clothed. This type of massage focuses on the back, shoulders, neck, and arms.

What is the best type of massage to relieve back pain?

The best type of massages to relieve back pain are those of the therapeutic variety. Some recommended massages for back pain include the Swedish massage and the deep tissue massage.

How do you spell massarge?

The correct spelling is "massage" (physical stimulation of the body).

What is b2b massage?

B2B message stands for back to back message.

How do you soothe back pain?

The way to soothe back pain is to massage it.

What is deep tissue massage therapy?

deep tissue massage is a type of massage that relines the layers with connective tissue such as chronic back pain or neck pain

Why does your back itch after a massage?

If the massage therapists is using any kind of massage oil or lotion, you may be allergic to it. You may even be allergic to the detergent used on the sheets that aredraped over the massage tables.

How do you spell shiatsu?

That is the correct spelling of "shiatsu" (Japanese finger-pressure massage).

How can massage be beneficial to scoliosis?

Massage would not correct a Scoliosis curve but it can be helpful with pain relief - to help release tension in the muscles surrounding the spine.

What to do when your dogs back hurts?

give him a back massage

The difference between a rubdown and a massage?

Rubdown is a non technical massage, it's like a glorified back rub.

What is sandwich massage?

A massage performed by two nude chicks back n forth and end with happy ending.

Why do you start an aromatherapy massage on the back?

Answer Near the spine.

How do you massage a back?

you get your thumb and press it on the ached area

What are the notes to Jason derulo on trumpet?

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