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when a car gets to a dealer a bank owns it flooring is the payment made to

the bank every month until the car is sold and the bank is payed off

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Is there financing available for auto dealers?

Yes they are called "flooring program's, essentially you pay interest an cars that are not sold within ninety days.

Which Canadian auto dealers have used Jeeps for sale?

There are a few Canadian auto dealers that have used Jeeps for sale. Some of the those dealers include 'Riverside Auto Sales' in Ontario and the 'Canadian Auto Mall' also in Ontario.

What can you arrange auto loans through?

auto dealers.

What auto dealers in Ohio deal with the credit acceptance corporation?

what auto dealers in ohio deal with credit acceptance

How many auto dealers are there in the City of Detroit?

I've found over 105 auto dealers in Detroit. I'm not sure how accurate this count is, considering many auto dealers have gone out of business in the last year.

How do auto dealers get the money to open their business?

Auto dealers can obtain loans for their business. Auto dealing is a business and you can also get investors or used saved income.

How many Auto Parts Dealers are located in Anchorage, AK?

More than 3400 auto part dealers are located in Anchorage, AK

Where can one find new auto dealers in Houston?

Yellowpages and Yelp are good sites to find new auto dealers in Houston. They have lists of the dealers and customer ratings to allow one to choose the best. Some the dealers are 'Fred Haas Toyota World', 'Paragon Auto Transport' and 'Lone Star Chevrolet'.

How do you get a listing of IL auto dealers?

You can get a listing of IL auto dealers in the white pages or the yellow pages of the local phone books. You can also get a listing of dealers by checking for licensed businesses and their records in the courthouse.

Who are the dealers of terrazzo near Sydney?

There are a number of dealers of Terrazzo flooring in the Sydney area of Australia. These include AMM Polishing, Western Terrazzo Restoration and Affordable Polishing.

From what auto dealers in Columbus, Ohio can I find used chevy trucks?

There are multiple auto dealers in different parts of Ohio. You can visit used car lots of local chevy dealers to find a used chevy truck.

Where do you buy a rack and pinion?

Try an auto salvage yard. Also auto parts stores and auto dealers.

How many auto dealers closed in 2009?

A few

Who traditionally hires Automotive Technicians?

Auto dealers.

Where can one apply for a no credit auto loan locally?

Many local auto dealers will offer loans that do not require a credit check or good credit history. Check with your local auto dealers and see if they can make a deal for you.

Where can someone buy a used Porsche Boxster?

A used Porsche Boxster can be bought from many different auto dealers. Some websites, such as Auto Trader, help users locate auto dealers with Porsche Boxsters in their area.

Are used auto dealers worse about haggling than new auto dealers?

Yes, used auto dealers do tend to require more haggling than new car dealers, as the values of the used cars being sold are even more subjective than those of new vehicles. Used car dealers frequently can be talked down quite a bit, as their profit margins on cars are frequently quite large.

How many WA car dealers are listed in Auto Trader?

Auto Trader is a great online marketplace for both car sellers and shoppers. There are a total of 67 car dealers from the state of Washington listed in the Auto Trader website.

How do you get a North Carolina auto dealers license?

One can get a North Carolina auto dealers license by filling out the proper paperwork and submitting it to the local township's main office. They will be able to file it.

Isn't Ames part of the Alabama Auto Dealers Association?

The Alabama Auto Dealers Association has a website that lists all of their members. I was not able to find any Auto Dealers with Ames as a part of the name listed as a member. You can visit them online at in the future if you want to see if a dealership you are checking out is a member.

Where can one find information about a pickup cars dealer?

Information on pickup car dealers can be found on Auto Trader, Car Guide, Pickup Truck, Leader Auto Sales, Lovett Pickups, USA Auto Dealers and The Car Dealer.

Do auto dealers need to have a license to sell vehicles?

Yes, auto dealers do need to have a license to sell vehicles to the public. They cannot sell vehicles legally without being licensed by the state they are in.

Is there a website that offers reviews of auto dealers in the Charlotte, North Carolina area?

There are many websites that offer reviews of auto dealers in Charlotte, North Carolina. The best rated website is

How many Chesapeake auto dealers are there in Maryland that sell used cars?

The only one that was found in a search for Chesapeake Auto dealers was the one located at Chesapeake Auto Buyers in Glen Burnie Maryland. They only had a handful of used cars however.

Where can you buy a 2003 Toyota Tacoma?

Auto trader, eBay, used car dealers, new car dealers, and your local classifieds.