What is flute in Japanese?

Updated: 11/10/2022
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笛 /fu e/ means 'Flute' in Japanese.

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Q: What is flute in Japanese?
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What is the name of a flute in Japanese?

One type of Japanese flute is the 'shakuhachi,' made of bamboo. It is written: 尺八

Where do you get a acute flute in diamond?

you can't unless you have the Japanese version or you have a cheat to get the flute

How do you say flute in Japanese?

笛 Fue

How can you get the azure flute in platinum without hacking?

uh well you kinda have to, because the azure flute is a Japanese thing so you could go to japan or get an action replay.

How do you catch arceus in Japanese Pokemon pearl?

Try playing the azure flute in spear pillar!!

What types of birds live in Japan?

The red clane bird and some flute bird ,and Japanese lovebird.

Which 70's Japanese anime superhero appeared playing flute before fighting with the enemies?


What is a shakuhachi?

A shakuhachi is a Japanese flute tuned to a pentatonic scale, and played vertically rather than horizontally.

In pokemon diamond where can you get the azure flute?

The Azure flute (or Heaven Flute directly translated from Japanese) is an avent item used to find Arceus. Nintendo sponsors these events and in GameStop is the store that usually hosts them. The avent is over, the only way to get Arceus or the Azure Flute is to trade it or use an Action Replay code, which I do not have, because I don't need the Action Replay to beat a game.

What are the names of all the flutes?

Piccolo flute, C flute (^^), alto flute, bass flute, and contra-bass flute!

Who has the flute?

I have a flute.

What is higher the tenor flute or the alto flute?

the alto flute