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Piccolo Flute, C flute (^^), alto flute, bass flute, and contra-bass flute!


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Flutes are wind instruments as are many other musical instruments but I don't think it has a "scientific" name. There are other names for small flutes but not ordinary flutes.

People all over the world play flutes.

There are many different kinds of flutes. There are normal C flutes, bass flutes, alto flutes, and piccolos for example.

Yes, all flutes have the same fingerings, but bass simply play notes in a different octave. B foot flutes have an extra key on the foot joint, making an extra note.

All of them. This is not a trick answer. Johann Sebastian Bach is the most famous of that name, but his ancestors and he and his sons all wrote music for flutes.

It all depends on were you get it.

Medieval flutes were usually made entirely of wood. There were transverse flutes and beaked flutes. We do not see all that many wooden transverse flutes today, though they are made and sold for various kinds of music. Beaked flutes include recorders, which were used in the Late Middle Ages or earlier in a form very like what is widely available in music shops today.

There are many flutes all around the world. The "Flute A BEC" is one. Now, we mostly see/hear the common kind of flutes, mostly made of stainless steel or metal.

No, with the exception of the flutes, all woodwind instruments have reeds, flutes used to have reeds (similar to oboe reeds) and that is why they are still classed as woodwind.

flutes are 67.5 cm long

there are 7 types of flutes

aulophobiaThe fear of the flutes is known as aulophobia. It can be defined as an abnormal and persistent worry of the flutes.

Jean Baptiste flutes are reliable, reasonably priced starter flutes.

To awaken,ynconfuse,and more to help

No Flutes are aerophones so they don't have reeds

No Flutes are aerophones so they don't have reeds

Yes, there are flutes in a marching band.

Miyazawa Flutes was created in 1969.

The vertical ("end-blown") flute is the xiao, and the horizontal ("transverse") flute is the dizi.

Wedding Mountain offers a great array of toasting flutes for all sorts of weddings! Whether your wedding is in the summer or winter, indoor or outdoor, Wedding Mountain will have toasting flutes to suit your needs!

No, they are types of tin whistles and recorders. :)

The earlier flutes were made of wood.

Pearl Flutes was created in 1968-04.

by putting the question again on youtube :)

Germany's traditional instruments include Strings, Guitars, Harps, Flutes, Accordions, and Tubas.

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