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What is footprinting?

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the aweser is to go eat a llama

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What are the three phases a computer hacker goes through prior to attacking their victim?

What are the three phases a hacker goes through prior to attacking their victim?a. Footprinting, scanning, and enumerationb. Footprinting, searching, and enumerationc. Footprinting, scanning, and evaluationd. Footprinting, scanning, and engineering

What do you call the DNA cut into smaller sequences by proteins?


What does the carbon footprinting refer to?

the amount of carbon dioxide a person produce.

The phase of hacking where the attacker creates a profile of the target is known?

footprinting, enumeration

The correct order of the three pre-hacking phases?

Footprinting, scanning, and enumeration

What is carbon footprinting?

A carbon footprint is a measure of the impact human activities have on the environment in terns of the amount of greenhouse gases produced, measured in units of carbon dioxide.

List two examples of categories for both passive and active network security attacks?

passive attacks : footprinting, trashing active attacks : sniffing, social engineering

What is the Difference between DNA finger printing and footprinting?

Fingerprinting is identification of any DNA sequence b using different lab techniques e.g RAPD,SSR,AFLP,s, etc While Footprinting is a method for determining the exact DNA sequence to which a particular DNA-binding protein binds. Examples:hormone-receptor complexes that bind to their hormone response elementstranscription factors that bind eukaryotic operators, enhancers, and silencersthe lac repressor that shuts down the lac operon in E. coli

What are the three phases a hacker goes through prior to attacking their victim?

Footprinting, Enumerating, Scanning.Although - on the lighter side - anyone who has ever had their computer hacked might think that, hopefully, the three phases could be: shortness of breath,coughing, and asphxiation.

Difference between DNA footprinting and fingerprinting?

DNA fingerprinting is a way to identify individuals DNA. It is what forensic scientists use to figure out whose DNA is found at a crime scene or whatever. Each person has their own unique "fingerprint" except maybe in the case of identical twins. DNA or "DNASE" footprinting is different. It is a technique used by researchers to see where a protein binds a piece of DNA. The DNA with the protein attatched is isolated, and digested with varying amounts of DNASE (an enzyme that cuts DNA). You then run the DNA out on a gel and find where the DNASE was not able to cut. Wherever it was not able to cut is where the protein was bound and on a gel it resembles a "footprint"

What is the definition of genomic footprinting?

Same as genetic footprinting, only at a high throughput, systems level way. Typically you use a transposon library to insert mutations to cells that inactivate genes (you assume one transposon/inactivation per cell). Then you trascription profile (dna microarray, rna-seq) after selection (whatever you want to select for, growth, resistance etc) and try to map the mutations/genes inactivations to the fitness changes in the cells. For example if you select for growth in a particular environment and the deletion of a gene confers this, then during selection that mutant will be over-represented, so when you run a microarray, you will see no expression of the deleted gene in reference with the wild type strain.

What technology did the police use to catch Jack the Ripper?

We can't put a Modern Eye Toward an Old Investigation. The Police back them were not complete idiots. The problem with this case is that investigators weren't familiar with murders with no aparent reasons. Is not the same catching a murdering husband because of infidelity and so on. Back then, there was no fingerprinting, footprinting or DNA analisys. The only thing they had was the work of a beat policeman.

Does drive-through have a bigger carbon footprint than take-out from the same fast food restaurant?

Depend if you keep your engine running in the queue for the drive through. The packaging for the food will be similar, and although you get your drive through in a bag, if you went in and ate they put that paper cover on the tray. If you have a vege burger, with salad, that will lower the foot print still further, won't taste as good as a 1/4 pounder with cheese though! Otherwise the difference will be negligible. Learn more about carbon footprinting at the link below.

What are the steps involved in the process of ethical hacking?

Footprinting / Information Gathering :▫Gathering potential information about target system▫A good hacker consumes 90% of time for this phase•Scanning :▫Network is scanned for any vulnerabilities•System Hacking :▫Involves actual hacking▫Taking advantage of vulnerabilities found during scanning, penetrate the victim's system•Maintaining Access :▫Making provisions by planting backdoors•Covering Tracks :▫Removing all the traces of his presence in system by removing log files & event logs