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giving readerss a clue of what happens before it acually does

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Foreshadowing is a literary technique whereby the author drops subtle hints of what is going to happen later in the story. (clues of events that will happen in a story).

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When was The Foreshadowing created?

The Foreshadowing was created in 2005.

A sentence for foreshadowing?

The tremors were foreshadowing a large Earthquake.

How does foreshadowing reveal theme?

Foreshadowing reveals theme by

Where is there foreshadowing in The Scarlet Letter?

where is foreshadowing at in the novel The Scarlet Letter?

What is the foreshadowing of the book The Treasure of Lemon Brown?

the foreshadowing is a awkward

What is a sentence using the word foreshadowing as a noun?

Here are some sentences.This passage is an example of foreshadowing.The author used foreshadowing.

What does foreshadowing build up in the reader's mind?

Foreshadowing builds suspense.

Foreshadowing in a sentence?

His petty thefts were foreshadowing his eventual life as a criminal.

What is a characteristic of foreshadowing?

The Characteristics of Foreshadowing, is unspelled, ununited, untained, &etc.

What story has foreshadowing?

Many stories have foreshadowing, especially spooky stories. The reader will be more scared if they know something is coming than if there was no foreshadowing.

Is there foreshadowing in The Phantom Tollbooth?

Yes, there definitely is. There is foreshadowing throughout the whole book.

What is foreshadowing in the veldt?

"Those screams are familiar.."is the most obvious use of foreshadowing.

How is foreshadowing used in The Giver?

It is used when she speaks of Seeing-beyond. It is foreshadowing his assignment.

What technique is used by authors to infer events that will happen in the future?


Why is foreshadowing important?

foreshadowing in not so important but just a writers style of writing

What part of speech is foreshadowing?

Foreshadowing is a verb because it is an action. But it can turn into an adjective.

What is it called when the author gives the reader a hint of what is to come?

foreshadowing foreshadowing; suspense

What is the foreshadowing in the face on the milk carton?

The foreshadowing in chapter one of the milk carton is

An author can use to build a sense of suspense within the reader's mind?


Does love story by Taylor Swift have foreshadowing?

love story by taylor swift does have foreshadowing

How can you make a sentence with the word foreshadowing?

By foreshadowing that he would die, he made the book less interesting.

When the author gives a hint that something is going to happen?

this is called foreshadowing

Foreshadowing for the lottery by shirley jackson?

Foreshadowing for the Lottery is a suspense book. This book is a chapter book.

What are the various types of foreshadowing?

There are mainly two types of foreshadowing: modern foreshadowing and classical foreshadowing. Modern foreshadowing is more symbolic, not explicitly saying what event will occur later, whereas Classical foreshadowing is more literal. For example, in Romeo and Juliet, the introduction clearly states two people love each other so much, they will take their lives if it means being together, actually happening at the end of the story.

What is the definition of foreshadowing?

Foreshadowing is a technique used by writers to drop hints or give subtle clues about plot ideas in the future. foreshadowing is when something is hinted at that will happen later in the book or story.

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