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The difference between flashback and foreshadowing is that:

  • flashback is when the story (or work) is taken back in time to usually to highlight something new into the story.
  • foreshadowing is when there are hints about what might happen later on in the story.
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Foreshadowing is a literary device used to hint at events that will happen later in the story, creating suspense and building anticipation. Flashbacks are interruptions in the current narrative that take the reader back to events that happened in the past, providing context and insight into the characters and plot.

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Q: What is foreshadowing and flashbacks?
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What does foreshadowing usually help to create?


What does foreshadowing usually help create?


Do flashbacks always predict what might happen in the story?

Flashbacks show details from the past. Foreshadowing is when something is hinted at and it can help you predict what's going to happen.

What are some examples of a narrative device?

foreshadowing, personification,dialogue, onomatopoeia, flashbacks, hallucinationshope this helps

What are the Foreshadowing or flashbacks in White Fang?

In "White Fang" by Jack London, foreshadowing occurs when White Fang is born into a harsh environment, hinting at the challenges he will face throughout his life. Flashbacks are used to provide insight into White Fang's past experiences, such as his time with his mother Kiche and his interactions with humans, helping readers understand his development and behavior.

What literary device does the autohor use to describe johnny's mugging?

narrative Another device is Flashback

How do you use both foreshadowing and flashbacks to create suspense?

Foreshadowing involves hinting at future events to build anticipation, while flashbacks provide background information to deepen the story. By strategically interweaving these literary devices, you can create suspense by slowly revealing crucial details that keep readers intrigued and engaged, leading to a heightened sense of anticipation and mystery.

Would you find foreshadowing and flashback in the beginning of the story or toward the end?

Foreshadowing is typically found at the beginning of a story to hint at future events. Flashbacks, on the other hand, are usually found toward the middle or end of a story to provide background information or context to the present events.

If I stay what are the literary devices used in the story?

"If I Stay" by Gayle Forman uses several literary devices, such as flashback, foreshadowing, and symbolism. The flashbacks provide insight into the protagonist's past, while foreshadowing hints at future events. Symbolism is used to represent deeper themes and emotions throughout the story.

How does a writer use pacing to make a novel intense?

In writing, "pacing" can be considered the manipulation of time. This can involve, for example, flashbacks or foreshadowing, which make the narrative more interesting and allows for a slow, deliberate reveal of details.

How does a writer advance a plot through the opening situation through the conflict an on towards a resolution?

You can use foreshadowing(hints that tell what will happen later) which generally leads to the plot or you can use flashbacks and carry the plot through to the resolution

What are some literary devices used in the movie up?

Some literary devices used in the movie "Up" include flashback, symbolism, and foreshadowing. Flashbacks are used to reveal the backstory of the main character, symbolism is seen in the floating house representing freedom and adventure, and foreshadowing is used to hint at future events, like the discovery of the final page of the adventure book.