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The destruction, or destroying, of a forest

It is the cutting, clearing or burning of trees.

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Q: What is forest destruction?
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What are some tips to combat rain forest destruction?

There are a number of resources that one can consult to get some tips to combat rain forest destruction. For instance, Our Future Planet, Rainforest Foundation, and Greenpeace all have information about combating rain forest destruction.

What term refers to the destruction of forest?


What does derforestation mean?

The destruction or removal of forest.

How has forest destruction affected amphibians?

Forest destruction has also caused amphibians to move miles from their natural habitat. Hope this is helpful Love, Courtney :)

How flood causes the destruction of forest?

Explain how each of the following causes the destruction of forests1. kaingin2.pollution3.mining operations4. typhoons5 floods6. volcanic eruptions7. forest fires

How do you reduce damage forest destruction?

use less paper

What is the rate of destruction of rain forest?

About 600 acres an hour!

How forest fire causes destruction of forests?

Well, if the forest has burnt up, I'd say it's destroyed.

What is a major environmental issue in Brazil?

The destruction of the Amazonian rain forest

How can the destruction of large areas of rain forest affect the climate?


What does the destruction of the rain forest lead to?

Ozone depletion

Why is the destruction of a rain forest?

well the destruction of the rain forest is is really bad because it effects our oxygen level and make rare animals find new homes like the Cardinal or the Howling Monkey