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What is freedom in french?

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What is the French word for 'freedom'?

The French word for freedom is liberte.

Did the French people have freedom after the French Revolution?

The French had French Fries and Pasta and the cutest ppl there

How do you say freedom in french?


Freedom in french?

la liberté

What did the french hate about the royal proclamation?

it took away freedom from the french by assimilating them

French philosopher who called for freedom?


Why did haiti have to pay the french government?

for freedom

Who was the French philosopher who called for freedom of speech?

Voltaire, he was the philosopher who also believed in freedom of belief.

How was the Leader who came to America for religious freedom?

Who was the French leader who came to America for religious freedom

What was the importance of the french renaissance?

From a French point of view it won them their freedom from Nazi occupation.

Who was the french Lutheran who came to Florida seeking religious freedom?

French Huguenot

What is the broken chain of french revolution?

The Broken Chain Is A Symbol Of The French Revolution.. It Is Used to Denote The French Peoples Freedom!!

What is French revolution about?

french revolution is a group of people who fought on economic crisis on freedom and equality

Why did the French immigrate to America?

The french immigrated because they were seeking freedom of religion and new opportunities.

Why were there a battles of Yorktown?

the Americans and french wanted freedom from the British.

Who was the french leader that came to America for religious freedom?


When did France get the right to have the freedom of speech?

As a result of the French Revolution-

What French laws passed in 1830 dissolved the legislature ended freedom of speech and put new restrictions on the right to vote?

it was freedom of press and its the french's the July Ordinances

Which key idea led to the French Revolution?

The ideas of self government and individual freedom led to the French Revolution.

What is the difference between the french and Indian war and the American revolutionary war?

french and indian was for land revolutionary was for freedom

Who are the french freedom fighters?

The Maquis among many other groups.

Who granted full religious freedom to French Roman Catholic?

The Huguenots.

The key ideas of the French Revolution?

self-government and individual freedom

What is the French for free?

gratuit (at no charge) or libre (where free is related to freedom)

What was the importance of the french and Indian war?

so the british would have there freedom

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