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What is freehand drawing?


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A freehand drawing is simply a drawing done by hand without the use of tools or aids such as templates, stencils, tracing, etc.


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Usually anything drawn without use of rulers, circle templates, etc ... is an example of "freehand" drawing. So, just about anything someone draws in a sketchbook is likely a "freehand" drawing. If you sketch people while sitting at a bus stop, you're drawing freehand. Tracing something is not drawing freehand.

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The techniques of a freehand drawing is : 1.feels like a comfortable and being to mind a successful. 2.gather some information about the entire kinds of freehand drawing.

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There are three principles of freehand drawing:a. compositionb. proportioningc. shading

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it is freehand,mechanical and technical drawing

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Anything that you didn't trace or use tools like rulers, french curves to create, is technically considered "freehand." Freehand relies upon the artist's ablilty to approximate proportion (to "eyeball it), unaided by tools. Freehand is distinguished from Technical Drawing which relies upon tools to achieve correct and accurate proportions.

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