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Un petit déjeuner continental is 'a continental breakfast' in English.

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Q: What is french petit dejeuner conti?
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What is french for the breakfast?

petit dejeuner

What is the french word for breakfast?

Le petit dejeuner

Have a good breakfast in french?

Bon petit-dejeuner

How do you order FOOD in french?

In french petit dejeuner means breakfast, dejeuner means lunch, diner means dinner.

How do you ask in french What is for breakfast?

Ce qui est pour le petit dejeuner

How do you say 'she has lunch' in french?

Elle prend son petit dejeuner.

How do you say 'breakfast' in french?

petit - dejeuner. (petty day joo nay)

How do you describe meal times in french?

Breakfast "le petit dejeuner" - lirerally " the little lunch. Lunch "le dejeuner". Supper is called "le diner".

What actors and actresses appeared in Petit Dejeuner - 2011?

The cast of Petit Dejeuner - 2011 includes: Gherardo Felloni as Man Elena Radonicich as Woman

What is breakfast called in France?

le petit dejeuner

What does passez une bonne journee ce qui est pour le petit dejeuner mean?

passez une bonne journee = have a nice day ce qui est pour le petit dejeuner = Who is for the breakfeast? -- It makes no sense in French either

Je prends le petit dejeuner means?

Je prends is - to take. and le petit dejeuner is- a little lunch but it is actually breakfast so this phrase it - ' I take breakfast'

What is the meaning of 'vous mangez petit dejeuner'?

"You eat breakfast."

Which meal is le petit dejeuner on france?

The first in the morning, breakfast

If you were having a petit dejeuner in France what would you be having?

If you were having petit dejeuner in France, you would be having breakfast. But you wouldn't be having an Anglo Saxon cooked breakfast, you'd be having coffee and bread, butter, and jam.

What the french for lunch?


What does this mean j'aime pour le petit dejeuner?

j'aime ... pour le petit déjeuner means "I like ... for breakfast"

How do you say lunch is good in french?

Lunch is dejeuner. Breakfast is petite-dejeuner. Le dejeuner est tres bon. (The lunch is very good)

What does le dejeuner means in french?


What does dejanay mean in french?

Dejeuner means 'lunch'.

How do you say breakfast foods in french?

breakfast - petit dejeunereggs - oeufsorange juice - jus d'orangeoatmeal - farine d'avoinetoast - pain grillepancakes - crepeswaffle - gaufre

What does le landemain apres le petit dejeuner nous avons attendu le bus devant l'hotel mean in french?

it means this: "The next day, after breakfast, we waited in front of the hotel for the bus"

What the French word for petit?

That is French.

What does un petit oiseau mean in french?

un petit oiseau is 'a small bird' in French.

Cupcake in french?

petit gâteau