What is freshwater algae?

Updated: 11/10/2022
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Freshwater algae is a type of algae that only grows in lakes. It is commonly found in states like Minnesota, Michigan, New York, and Colorado.

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Q: What is freshwater algae?
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What are the main groups of algae found in freshwater lakes?

The most commonly encountered groups of freshwater algae are green algae, diatoms, and blue-green algae

What eats algae in freshwater biomes?

Many types of animals eat algae in freshwater. Snails, fish, bivalves and even birds are all common algae eaters.

What color is chlorella?

freshwater green algae

What do freshwater louse eat?

algae and detritis.:)

What is first plant to evolve?

Freshwater green algae.

What will happen if marine algae is shifted to freshwater?


What was the very first food on earth?

mushrooms, marine algae, freshwater algae, other botanicals

What has the author Otto Wasmer written?

Otto Wasmer has written: 'Effects of 2, 4-D on freshwater algae' -- subject(s): Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid, Freshwater algae

What does freshwater lake snails eat?

They'll eat algae or freshwater aquatic plants such as anarchis or elodea

What do freshwater algae eat?

nitrates among other things

Where is Golden-Brown Algae found?

Golden Brown Algae is mostly found in saltwater and some are found in freshwater

What is a five letter word ending in A meaning freshwater limestone algae?

The word you are looking for is chara.It's five letters, ending in A.Chara is an algae which forms in freshwater lakes in limestone-heavy environments.