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Q: What is functional literacy rate?
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Why Functional literacy is a tool for rural development?

why is functional literacy a tool for rural development

What is functional literacy?

Functional literacy describes reading ability in terms of day to day life. Functional literacy is reading and writing ability that allows an individual to fully function in their society.

What has the author Charles J Gadway written?

Charles J. Gadway has written: 'Functional literacy' -- subject(s): Functional literacy, Literacy, Statistics

What has the author Virendra Tripathi written?

Virendra Tripathi has written: 'A guide to functional literacy for literacy administrators and workers' -- subject(s): Adult education, Functional literacy

Literacy rate of maharashtra?

literacy rate of maharashtra is 77.27% male literacy rate is 86.2% female 67.5%

What is the adult literacy rate in Honduras?

according to 2004-2005 the literacy rate in Honduras is 80%. the female literacy rate is 80.2%. but i still have not found the male literacy rate.

What is Hawaii's literacy?

As of the 2003 National Assessment of Adult Literacy, the literacy rate for Hawai'i was 16%. This means that 1 in 6, or more than 150,000, adults in Hawai'i are considered unable to read at a basic, functional level, and would benefit from basic education or literacy tutoring or assistance. Source: Hawaii Literacy

What is the literacy rate in Arizona?

The literacy rate in Arizona is 96.3%

What is the literacy rate of Spain?

Spain's literacy rate is 97.9%.

What is the literacy rate of Paraguay?

Paraguay's literacy rate is 94.6%

What is the literacy rate for bhutan?

the literacy rate for Bhutan is 59.5%

What is the literacy rate in Hungary?

The literacy rate in Hungary is 99%