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Not assigning grades to specific scores.

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Q: What is gap grading noticed on a grading curve?
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Why did the teacher have an automobile accident?

he was grading on a curve

What does grading on a curve mean?

Grading on a curve means that grading is done according to the scores students get on a given assignment or test, versus grading on a fixed scale of 90-100 being and A, 80-90 being a B, etc. (or whatever scale is being used). Grading on a curve is sometimes used by teachers when a whole class does poorly on a test. Here is an example: In a class of 5 students, the scores were 76, 76, 70, 65, and 53. In this case, the grades would be C, C, C, D, F. The teacher could grade on a curve and give the 76s an A, 70 a B, 65 a C, and 53 a D.

Why did the teacher have an automaobile accident punchline algebra book a 7.9?

He was grading on a curve.

What are the answers to punchline algebra book a 7.9 Why did the teacher have an automobile accident?

I think its he was grading on a curve

How market power is measured?

depends on the size of the gap which is created by the AR/D curve and the MR curve.

What is a 10 point grading scale?

With a 10 point grading scale the results (of a test etc.) are given a value between 0 and 9 or 1 and 10. If the grading is "on a curve" than the distribution of the various grades is spread on a Gaussian normal distribution.

What is the grade if you got 10 wrong out of 25?

If kept to a normal grading scale (not a curve), the grade would be a D- or F.

What grade is 6 wrong out of 30?

6 wrong out of 30 leaves 24 correct out of 30. Divide 24 by 30 to get 80%. 80% is usually a B or a B-, unless grading is on a curve. If it is on a curve, then it is impossible for me to say without knowing what the curve is.

What is a 22 out of 35 in grading?

Depends on how your teacher grades. Generally, that is not a very good grade. But it depends on the "curve" as to where the cutoff is for each letter grade.

What is your score if you get a 40 out of 50 on a test?

It's an 80% score. That's a D- unless a grading curve is used.

What grade would you get if you answer 5 out of 14 questions?

36%, assuming that your five answers were all correct. Unless the instructor is grading on a curve, it would probably be an F or fail.

What is 85 percent in grading?

B . . . this does vary depending upon if there is a curve, if school corporations have adopted other standards, or where a teacher states grade cut-offs will be made