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You think probable to bubbling.

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What is a solid spread throughout a gas called?

When a solid turns into a gas, this is called sublimation. When a solid is actually in the gas, there is no scientific name.

What does not have mass liquid or gas?

Liquid cant spread like gas and gas spreads

How is a gas different from a liquid?

the molecules in gas are more spread out then the molecules in a liquid.

What is the change of state from a liquid to gas?

The change of state from a liquid to a gas is called vaporization. There are two types of vaporization; evaporation, which occurs at the surface, and boiling, which occurs throughout the liquid.

What is to spread a solute evenly throughout a solvent?

The term is called "dissolving," and happens when you dump the solute into the solvent. It is easy with a solid or liquid solute, but it gets tricky with a gas solute. :D

What is the change from liquid to is called?

Liquid to gas is called evaporation. Gas to liquid is called condensation. Solid to liquid is called melting. Liquid to solid is called freezing. (solidification) Gas to solid is called deposition. Solid to gas is called sublimation.

What is it called when something changes from solid to liquid?

solid to liquid= meltingliquid- solid= freezingliquid to gas= vaporization (There is two forms- boiling and evaporation. The difference is that evaporation happens on the surface of the liquid, and boiling happens throughout.)gas to liquid= condensationgas to solid= depositionsolid to gas= sublimation

What is the process from a liquid to gas and gas to liquid?

liquid to gas is called evaporation and gas to liquid is condensation

What is it called Fewer molecules spread apart?

When a liquid or gas is heated, the molecules move faster, bump into each other, and spread apart. Because the molecules are spread apart, they take up more space. They are less dense. The opposite occurs when a liquid or gas is cooled.

Which term is defined as the change in physical state from liquid to gas occurring throughout a liquid?

The change in state from the liquid to the gas state is called vaporization. There are two types of vaporization, evaporation and boiling. You are describing boiling.

What is the formation of gas bubbles throughout a liquid called?

It's boiling. When heated the liquid molecules go crazy and vibrate, and eventually some of it breaks apart, forming gas bubbles.

Gas becomes liquid is called what?

A gas turning into a liquid is called condensation.

What is it called when a gas is made into a liquid?

when a gas becomes a liquid, it is called condensation.

What is A gas bubble forming throughout a liquid is called?

its called a mitronashionl {me=throw-she=nol}which is the foaming tregedy to the bubble in ascintific calmules its called mallesentor.

Is sublimation the process of a gas changing to a liquid?

No. gas changing to a liquid is called condensation. Liquid changing to a gas is called sublimation.

Are particles in a gas or a liquid further apart?

The molecules in a gas are spread further apart than those in a liquid.

To change from a gas to a liquid is called?

Solid to Gas ~ Sublimation Solid to Liquid ~ Fusion Liquid to Solid ~ Solidification Liquid to Gas ~ Evaporation Gas to Solid ~ Solid Condensation Gas to Liquid ~ Liquid Condensation

What occurs when a substance goes from a liquid to a gas?

when a liquid goes to a gas, the molecules heat up until they break free and spread until they can't spread anymore

What is the change called when a gas changes into a liquid?

The transition from a gas to liquid is called condensation

Name for particles in a gas spreading out?

When the molecules of a gas spread throughout another medium, the process is called diffusion. The rate of diffusion can be influenced by temperature and pressure.

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