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What is gay sex?

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2016-05-23 04:10:52

Gay sex is the intimate expression of sex between members of the

same sex. There are many different kinds of gay sex. Gay sex varies

as much as heterosexual sex varies.

There is anal, where each man or just one inserts his penis in

the other man's anus and humps him. Heterosexual couples (men and

women) can also do this. There is also the "penis scissor," where

the men scissor and rub and push their penises against each other.

There is oral sex, in which one sucks the other's penis, and the

"69" position.

Gay sex isn't much different than straight sex. Males can perform

penetrative sex known as anal sex. Women can also perform

penetrative sex but usual use "toys." And homosexual males and

females can perform oral sex. another answer: there's also mutual


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2013-04-08 19:45:04

Same sex.

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