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Q: What is gearbox Oil capacity scenic?
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Replace gearbox oil on Renault scenic?

scenic II gearbox oil

How much oil does a scenic 1.9 dti gearbox hold?

5 litres is the amount of oil that scenic 1.9 dti gearbox hold.

Where do you put the gearbox oil on a 2004 Renault scenic 1.9 dci?

in the gearbox..

Where is the gearbox oil filler on a Renault grand scenic Man?

you phrrt on them

How can you check on the oil level in the auto gearbox of a megane scenic dynamique?

stick a stick in it

There are 2 drain plugs underneath the scenic are they both for engine oil?

1 will be the engine oil pan (sump) the other will be the gearbox oil drain

What is the oil capacity of the Renault Scenic?

5 liter (4.8)

Pulsar gearbox 5 speed oil capacity?


What is the capacity for gearbox oil in matiz Daewoo?

2.1 liters

What is the oil capacity of the 6 speed gearbox of the cropmaster tractor?

Cropmaster gearbox takes 15 to 16 liters

How much oil is in a 97 Honda civic gearbox?

The 1997 Honda Civic gearbox has a fluid capacity of 4.8 quarts. You can check the gearbox fluid level with the gearbox dipstick.

What is the gearbox oil capacity on an s class Mercedes?

97 S class model is 8 liters with full transmission oil change. you need to take out the oil from the gearbox and the carborator.

What is gear oil capacity for Vauxhall f25 gearbox?

1.8 liters

What is the gearbox oil capacity on a Renault master 2.8tdi?

3.2 litres

What is the oil capacity for a peugeot boxer 2.2 gearbox?

.5 litres

What is the gearbox oil capacity in a Toyota MR2 mk1?

2.55 litres

What is the Gearbox oil capacity Nissan Almera N16?

HiThe capacity is 2.8 to 3.0l trs and the reccommended oil is Nissan branded XZ Gear Oil) this is SAE 75W-80

2002 Yamaha YZ 85 oil capacity?

Oil capacity for the gearbox on 2002 Yamaha YZ85 is 500cc, after overhaul 550cc according to my book.

Where is the car battery in an r reg megane coupe?


What is the engine oil capacity of a Honda cg125?

CG125ES-4 is 1 litre for engine & gearbox

How much oil to put into VW transporter T5 1.9?

what oil capacity is a vw transporter 1.9 diesel 2l in the gearbox.

Will a 1.9 diesel gearbox from a Megane fit a scenic series I?

of course not

How much oil goes into the gearbox of a rav4 1998?

According to Halfords in the UK the capacity of the tranny is 5 Litres for a 98 Rav4

What is the gearbox oil capacity of a fiat ducato 2.8 itdt?

Grade 75W/80 synthetic Quantity 2.75 Ltr 4X4 2.0Ltr

Where do you put gearbox oil in a 2001 transit after draining old oil?

In the gearbox i think!