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The movement of the particles is accelerated.

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How will temperature affect the volume of a gas what other factor must be held constant?

If temperature increases, then pressure increases. Temperature measures the average speed of particles, so if the temperature is high, then the particles are moving quickly and are colliding with other particles more forcefully. Pressure is defined as the force and number of collisions the particles have with the wall of its container. So if the high temperature causes the particles to move quickly, they are going to collide more often with the container, increasing the pressure. This remains true as long as the number of moles (n) remains constant.

What happens to energy in a substance when i change state?

The energy during a change of state goes into the state change and increases going from solid to liquid and liquid to gas, but does NOT alter the TEMPERATURE.

What does a phase diagram show for a substance?

A phase diagram shows if a substance is going to be a solid gas, or liquid at a combination of pressure and temperature. It states what phase of matter a substance is at a specific temperature.

If A conductor has a resistance of 0.8 ohms what will happen to its resistance if the temperature is increased?

The resistance of a conductor normally increases with temperature. The increase in resistance is due to charged particles becoming more agitated and the number of particles going across a potential field at a given time period will be reduced (like in a traffic jam, the car engines are running but the cars are not going faster). The change in resistance per degree temperature change for a metal can be measured and are published.

How is the melting point of a substance defined?

= temperature at which (all of) a (pure) substance is melting: going from solid into liquid phase.

What happens to temperature when a substance is going through a phase change?

During the phase change, the temperature remains constant.

How is temperature related to kinetic energy?

They are not related. Kinetic Energy has to do with the speed or how fast something is going. Temperature has to do with how hot or cold something is. Maybe you are thinking of THERMAL ENERGY. That has to do with heat.When the temperature increase, that substances will tend to vibrate and then at a certain high temperature will start to move;that is why we say it gain energy.Temperature is a measure of the kinetic energy of the particles of a substance.

What happens when particles move from a place where there are lots of particles to a place where there are less particles?

When gaseous particles move from a place where there are lots of particles to a place where there are less particles, the pressure in the place that they are leaving decreases, and the pressure in the place that they are going to increases. In general, the particles will keep moving until the pressures in each place are equal.

What would cause kinetic energy to increase?

Temperature is a number that is related to the average kinetic energy of the molecules of a substance. If temperature is measured in Kelvin degrees, then this number is directly proportional to the average kinetic energy of the molecules. This differentiates it from *heat,* a different term, which is a measurement of the total energy in a substance. That total energy is made up of not only of the kinetic energies of the molecules of the substance, but total energy is also made up of the potential energies of the molecules. As temperature increases, kinetic energy increases (which makes sense, if you're putting more energy into a system, you're probably going to have more total energy).

What is going to happen to the polar bears when the temperature increases?

They're going to die out, because if it keeps melting, the polar bears will have no ice to live on. And eventually, they are going to die out soon.

Why do charged particles not penetrate matter?

Charged particles are going to have a strong electromagnetic interaction with any matter that they encounter, since matter is also contains lots of charged particles. In effect, matter will present a great deal of solidity or substance to charged particles.

Where all the heat energy is going when a substance is boiling?

The energy is used to maintain the temperature at the boiling point.

What factors affect the resistance of material to the flow of energy?

The resistivity of metals increases with temperature. Going the other way, some metals become superconductors if the temperature is lowered to a sufficiently low temperature.

Does sublimation particles slow down or speed up?

During sublimation, particles will speed up. Sublimation is the transition of a substance to go from a solid to a gas without going through the liquid phase.

Why doesn't the temperature of a substance change when it undergoes a phase change?

the temperature of a substance doesnt change when it undegoes a phase change because the energy that is going into the substance is being used to change the phase of the substance, it doesnt increase the temperature. an example of this would be water. when it is at 32 degrees it is frozen, and it crystalizes. but when it melts. all of the energy is being used to break apart the crystals that form the ice, none of the energy is increasing the temperature.

Does temperature increase or decrease when going from gas to solid?

Generally if a substance is compressed from a gas to a solid the temperature will increase. The prime example being the stars we see.

If air particles are added to a container of fixed volume at a constant temperature what will happen to the pressure inside the container?

The pressure will increase. The reason is that the more air particles relative the volume the more of a pressure you are going to have, the same thing is true of temperature changes.

What are signs that a volcano is going to explode?

Temperature increases smoke will come out of the volcano and a little bit of ash that's your sign to evacuate

Why do hot gas particles move faster than cool gas particles?

They move faster because when the temperature rises, the gas particles act like humans ; They try to get away from the heat. by going faster, they have just escaped the heat.

During a change of state why doesn't the temperature of a substance change.?

It's easier to understand if we talk about it in terms of heating, but it's the same reason for cooling, except backward.Crudely speaking, all the energy is being used to overcome the attractive forces between the atoms or molecules of the substance, rather than going directly into kinetic energy. Since temperature is a measure of the average kinetic energy, the temperature will not rise until the substance has fully changed state. At that point the energy being added in the form of heat will start increasing the kinetic energy of the particles again and the temperature will rise.

What is unique about temperature on a phase change?

The temperature remains constant during the phase change until all of the substance has been changed or converted into the new phase (i.e. solid to liquid). That is because all of the energy going into (being absorbed by) the substance is being applied toward converting the substance into the new phase. At the point that the last entity of the substance has been converted into the new phase and no more of the old phase (solid) remains, the energy absorbed will begin to raise the temperature of the substance.

Why does speed of light increase after passing through water?

The speed of light depends on the electrical properties of whatever substance it's in. It has nothing to do with what substance it used to be in before, or what substance it's going into next. -- If it goes from air into vacuum, its speed increases. -- If it goes from air into water, its speed decreases. -- If it goes from water into air, its speed increases. -- If it goes from water into diamond or jello, its speed decreases.

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