Drunk Driving (DWI or DUI)

What is going to happen to your record if you got a DWI and what will the fine or community service look like?


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It depends on the state. Some states have a "3 Strikes" law associated with DUI and your record will follow you for life. If you get 3 DUI convictions in those states you can be sent to prison. All states have requirements that you pay a fine and/or provide community service and/or spend time in jail. You may be required to install a "lockout" device on any vehicle that you drive IF the judge allows you to have a provisional drivers license. Your drivers license in some states may have some kind of indicator that you have a prior DUI so that the officers will know to check you if you are pulled over even for a bad taillight. Your court mandated treatment program may require that you not drink ANY alcohol (beer included) during your treatment program and after that it may require that you have a 0.0 BAC whenever driving for many years. The financial cost of a DUI may be well over $2000.00 and in some states it can be as much as $5,000.00. Again, the above possibilities depend on the state, and some states will impound and sell your vehicle just to make a point. But you shouldn't be so worried about the cost of a DUI or what it will do to your driving record. Your real concern should be what COULD have happened if you had killed or seriously injured someone while driving impaired (becoming felony). How are you at handling guilt? Is it an easy thing for you to imagine what it would be like to take an innocent life. Next time you want a drink make sure you have a way home that doesn't involve operating a motor vehicle.


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