What is gold clad?

Gold clad is a technology of bonding two or more different metals or alloys with the purpose of improving its physical characteristics and / or saving money.

For example a 5/8 " 8 ft long grounding rod made of steel will not assure proper conductivity, and made of copper wouldn't provide the strength would be to "soft" to drive it below the surface, so the solution is to manufacture the 1/2 inch steel rod by inserting it in a 1/16 inch wall thick 1/2 inch diameter copper tube (using for example thermal process or forging process) and / or rolling over its surface flat copper sheet with great forging force to produce grounding rod with proper strength to drive it into ground and and have surface conductivity of copper.

That how is used cladding process.

"Fools Gold":

It is a process used to manufacture and to sell worthless "Gold CLAD coins" for people who do not understand the difference and would buy a worthless"fools Gold" coins believing they are buying investment in pure gold!

Gold clad is where a noble metal like gold is bonded to another inexpensive metal. This would mean that the manufactured coins are nothing like some type of alloy "coated" with GOLD and aren't made of falsely advertised as GOLD COINS gold.

If you could either hear or understand understand the advertisement ranting you would stay away from it.

Usually older people with poor knowledge of manufacturing technology and hard of hearing would be the victims of such advertised scams by mints.

Buy now worthless limited issue coin or medal for 20 $ and save save another 30 $! ...

Just another classic scam run by many private mints ... praying on older people who couldn't hear well very short word "CLAD" in a text "old CLAD coin" repeated 30 times in each and every add and creating an illusion of gold coin!

They might be as a legal tender in some tiny country in Africa or South America.

If you could read a very small print at the bottom of the TV add, that's what you would find, a disclaimer stating where they are legal tender flashed on the screen for .... two seconds.

Call the 800 number that is advertised and ask those same questions. Ask them what percent of the coin is gold and what country it is considered legal tender. By law, they have to answer you truthfully!