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gold is made from a build up ofdifferent rocks


Gold hardly corrodes at all and is therefore an excellent element for electrical contacts. It shines rather nicely, doesn't corrode and is therefore sought after as a precious metal for jewellry!

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The people that traveled to North America to find gold were called the forty niners. They traveled here in 1849 to find gold.

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I don't know what kind of help you need. However, I have included a link to an informative guide/gallery of US and world gold coins. There you can learn about various popular gold coins and study their appearances as well.

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Who introduced the smoking of opium to the US?

The Chinese around San Francisco around 1850, when they came here for the gold rush.

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How much is a 1979 Liberty 10.00 gold coin worth?

You have me here - the first gold $10.00 coins minted by the US mint occurred in 1986 - th American eagle Bullion. In 1933, the US mint terminated the mintage of the Indian Head $10 Eagle gold coin.

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What is the karat gold in a US 1899 5 gold piece?

US gold coins were 90% pure gold, or 21.6 Kt.

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Gold mining effects us by the gold fever many people have. ):-(

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if its not workin try this code silvergoldunit689 if that doesnt work us rrrttt66 hope this will help

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